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2024 Jul 061290 pages First Past the Post (FPTP) Voting System Damages Party-Based Democracies
2024 Jun 231289 pages Space Plate Number Eight
2024 Jan 141288 pagesThe UK Versus Environmental Protection and Climate Change
2024 Jan 041287 pagesReligion in Pakistan


2023 Dec 311286 pagesBlasphemy in Pakistan
2023 Dec 031284 pagesDreams, Religion and Magic: A Long History of Misunderstanding
2023 Oct 101283 pagesA List of Denominations of Satanism
2023 Sep 141281 pagesPetrol and Oil Companies Against Climate Science
2023 Jul 221280 pagesHuman Rights and Freedom in Taiwan
2023 Jul 201279 pagesReligion in India
2023 Jun 261279 pagesPrayer in Religion
2023 Jun 211278 pagesAtheist Religions
2023 Jun 131276 pagesThe Bible's History Books Covering 1100-950 BCE
2023 May 221274 pagesIslamic Denominations, Schools, Movements and Groups
2023 May 131272 pagesSynthetically Grown (In-Vitro) Meat
2023 May 091271 pagesChristianity and Marriage
2023 Apr 301271 pagesUK River and Beach Pollution from Sewage
2023 Apr 231270 pagesVegetarian (Plant-Based) Diets Use Much Less Freshwater than Carnivorous Diets
2023 Apr 151269 pagesGender Equality
2023 Feb 091256 pagesCalendar of Annual Religious Special Days and Festivals


2022 Oct 131255 pagesThe Surprise Anointing of Jesus for Burial
2022 Sep 261254 pagesElections
2022 Sep 141253 pagesConfucianism
2022 Sep 121252 pagesReligion in China
2022 Sep 061251 pagesThe Causes of Religion: National Under-Development and Poor Social Stability
2022 Sep 051250 pagesMass Education Versus Religion
2022 Aug 301249 pagesReligion and Population Growth
2022 Aug 131247 pagesHuman Rights, Equality and Tolerance in the Middle East: A Very Unhappy Picture
2022 Aug 111247 pagesCurses, Hexes and The Evil Eye: The Psychology Behind Magical Evil
2022 Aug 091246 pagesWhich are the Best Mediterranean Countries at Human Rights, Freedom and Tolerance?
2022 Aug 081245 pagesThe Nocebo Effect: Negative Psychological Effects of the Mind on the Body
2022 Aug 021244 pagesHuman Rights, Tolerance and Equality in The Caribbean
2022 Aug 011243 pagesThe Cathars / Albigenses (12th-15th Century Christianity)
2022 Jul 241242 pagesThe Americas: Which Countries are Best at Human Rights, Tolerance and Equality?
2022 Jul 231241 pagesThe 'Wisdom' Books of the Bible
2022 Jul 111240 pagesHuman Rights and Freedom in Uruguay
2022 Jul 101238 pagesSocial Identity as a Propagator of Religion
2022 Jul 101238 pagesHuman Rights, Tolerance and Equality in Europe
2022 Jul 051237 pagesHuman Rights and Freedom in Paraguay
2022 Jul 05Ziggy, the content-management programme that produces these websites, contains 29 tables, 15 queries, 10 forms, 2 macros, 17104 lines of code and is 205MB in size. It has notes on 764 books/sources, including 4118 quotes from those sources. It has 1027 outstanding to-do items and 1352 URLs (including 113 beta pages that aren't yet published). It does FTP and file management (including CRC checks) and is self-archiving. It's Vexen Crabtree's creation and all runs in an MS Access database spread across a few files with some supporting PowerShell scripts.
2022 Jul 031236 pagesBrexit and the UK Farming Sector
2022 Jun 301235 pagesHuman Rights, Freedom, Tolerance and Equality in Asia: Statistical Comparisons
2022 Jun 251233 pagesHuman Rights and Freedom in Ghana
2022 Apr 071231 pagesThe Gradual Decline of Violence
2022 Mar 061230 pagesClimate Change Deniers
2022 Jan 241228 pagesThe Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th Centuries
2022 Jan 131227 pagesUnidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)
2022 Jan 091226 pagesTheosophy


2021 Dec 291225 pagesThe Benefits of Secular Government: Approaching Religion Fairly
2021 Dec 261224 pagesSikhism
2021 Dec 231223 pagesI haven't added a Dream Diary entry for 18 years.. but here's a new one: Nightclub Survivors. Deleted five others.
2021 Dec 201227 pagesDeforestation
2021 Dec 161226 pagesMisanthropy Inspired by Human Overpopulation
2021 Dec 151225 pagesViolent Extremism in Sikhism
2021 Nov 071224 pagesBritish Buses: The Loss of a National Asset
2021 Sep 261223 pagesThe UK Fuel Crisis-20210925
2021 Feb 011222 pagesTax Evasion
2021 Jan 151221 pagesProblems With Marriage in Islam: From Child Marriages to Male Dominance


2020 Nov 051220 pagesChristianity in the UK: The Newest Minority Religion
2020 Sep 221219 pagesAnimism
2020 Aug 211218 pagesHuman Rights and Freedom in Denmark
2020 Aug 031217 pagesShinto
2020 Jul 141219 pagesLife Expectancy and Longevity
2020 Jul 081218 pagesMisinformation and Fake News on Immigration in the UK
2020 Jun 281217 pagesMaking My Teleportation Device Work
2020 Apr 251216 pagesSpiritualism
2020 Mar 041215 pagesWhich Countries are Most Modern, With the Best Education and Internet Access?
2020 Mar 041214 pagesWhich are the Best Countries for Human Rights, Equality and Tolerance?
2020 Mar 031213 pagesCountries With the Healthiest Cultures and Health Policies
2020 Jan 281212 pagesHuman Rights, Equality and Freedom in Iceland
2020 Jan 271211 pagesThe United Kingdom Suffers as a Result of Poor National Health


2019 Dec 171210 pagesWhat are the Vedic Faiths?
2019 Dec 131209 pagesShort Term Politics: Democracy Can Discourage Proper Planning
2019 Nov 191207 pagesChristianity and Women: Biblical Misogyny and Male Dominance
2019 Oct 281206 pagesBlasphemy Laws in the UK
2019 Sep 291215 pagesTraitors and Enemies of the People: Brextremist Language is Damaging Democracy
2019 Sep 071214 pagesThe Dangers of Nationalism
2019 Aug 031213 pagesFearing God
2019 Jun 101212 pagesFree-Market Capitalism and Democracy
2019 Jun 021211 pagesHow to Govern Well
2019 Apr 221210 pagesReligious Dogmas Against Marrying Outsiders (Exogamy)
2019 Apr 201209 pagesThe UK's Referendum on Brexit in 2016 was Invalid and Undemocratic
2019 Apr 061208 pagesBe Yourself is Terrible Advice
2019 Mar 171207 pagesThe Major Prophets of the Old Testament
2019 Jan 271207 pagesLiberal Values
2019 Jan 191205 pagesHuman Rights, Freedom, Tolerance and Equality in Africa: Statistical Comparisons


2018 Dec 181125 pagesTo Turn a Hypothesis Into a Theory, It Must Be Tested
2018 Dec 111124 pagesThe Scientific Method: Randomized Double-Blinded Trials
2018 Nov 031110 pagesWe Dislike Changing Our Minds: Status Quo Bias and Cognitive Dissonance
2018 Oct 211105 pagesThe 12 Minor Prophets of the Old Testament (Originally from the Trei Asar)
2018 Oct 071103 pagesHuman Rights and Freedom in Bosnia & Herzegovina
2018 Sep 281102 pagesMeditation
2018 Sep 181098 pagesHuman Rights and Freedom in Bangladesh
2018 Sep 061097 pagesThe Christian Dark Ages of Europe
2018 Sep 031096 pagesPrayer is Ungodly
2018 Sep 021095 pagesHuman Rights and Freedom in Azerbaijan
2018 Sep 021094 pagesHuman Rights and Freedom in Bahrain
2018 Sep 021093 pagesThe Argument that Everything Needs a Creator, Therefore God Exists as the First Cause
2018 Aug 211091 pagesThe Historical Slave Trade and Modern Slavery
2018 Aug 161087 pagesHuman Rights, Equality and Freedom in Algeria
2018 Aug 151086 pagesHuman Rights, Equality and Freedom in Afghanistan
2018 Aug 041085 pagesPopularism: When Mass Instincts Defeat National Strategy
2018 Jul 291084 pagesJainism
2018 Jul 261083 pagesFreethought - Freedom of Belief and Freedom of Religion
2018 Jul 211082 pagesZoroastrianism
2018 Jul 161081 pagesBuddhist Extremism
2018 Jun 121080 pagesThe Leave Campaign's Disinformation, Lies and Illegalities Have Voided the Referendum: There was no 'informed vote'
2018 Jun 071079 pagesWhich are the Best Countries in the World? The Social and Moral Development Index
2018 May 271078 pagesThe Best Academic and Educational Podcasts of SoundCloud
2018 May 261077 pagesSmoking Rates in the UK: The Slow Victory of Public Health Over the Tobacco Industry
2018 May 061078 pagesThe UK's Brexit Vote of 2016: What is the Will of the People?
2018 Apr 281077 pagesThe Crabtree Scale of Sources: Who Can We Trust?
2018 Apr 251076 pagesSatan (Shaitan, or Iblis) in Islam
2018 Apr 221075 pagesThe Unpopularity of the EU
2018 Mar 271074 pagesChristianity: The Bible Teachings on Those Who Believe Wrongly
2018 Mar 241073 pagesInternational Happiness: Which Countries and Regions are Most Happy?
2018 Mar 141072 pagesRussia Against Europe
2018 Mar 061071 pagesWhat is Skepticism and Its Values?
2018 Feb 151070 pagesDoes Praying for Someone Work?
2018 Feb 031069 pagesWe Easily Mislead Ourselves With Unfounded Stories
2018 Jan 231068 pagesThe Effects of Smoking on Health
2018 Jan 131067 pagesThe Tyranny of the Majority: How Democracy Can Be Bad
2018 Jan 051066 pagesChristianity and Homosexuality: A Very Unhappy Story
2018 Jan 041066 pagesThe EU is Always in Deep Crisis: Decades of Warnings


2017 Dec 301065 pagesCorruption - The Abuse of Power by Politicians
2017 Dec 131064 pagesWhy do People Join New Religious Movements?
2017 Dec 091064 pagesFriedrich Nietzsche on Indispensable Falsehoods
2017 Nov 281063 pagesThe History of Atheism
2017 Nov 211061 pagesThe Benefits of EU Membership to UK Travellers
2017 Nov 171061 pagesThe Internal Challenges Facing Democracy
2017 Nov 061060 pagesA Critical Look at John Chapter 9 (A Rewrite of Mark's Story of the Blind Man)
2017 Sep 091059 pagesWhich Country in Asia Has the Most Immigrants Or Emigrants?
2017 Aug 151058 pagesUK Health Tourism: Foreigners are Not Abusing the NHS
2017 Jul 281057 pagesUK Brexit from the EU: Disorganized, Unclear and Unprepared
2017 Jul 141055 pagesTaoism / Daoism
2017 Jul 031053 pagesHumanist Values: Enjoy Life and Be Good!
2017 Jun 291053 pagesAbusing News Outlets With Fake Science and Fake Lobby Groups
2017 Jun 251046 pagesHyperactive Agent Detection Device (the Psychology of Religion and Superstition)
2017 Jun 071045 pagesChildhood Obesity is Nearly Always Caused by Poor Parental Choices, Not Genetics
2017 Jun 051041 pagesWhich Country in the Middle East Has the Most Immigrants Or Emigrants?
2017 Jun 051040 pagesWhich Country in Africa Has the Most Immigrants Or Emigrants?
2017 May 241039 pagesImmunizations: International Statistics on Vaccines and the Autism Scare
2017 May 121036 pagesWhen Was Jesus Born? What Year, and Which Day?
2017 May 041036 pagesThe Demographics Crisis (The Increase in Life Expectancy is Raising the Old Age Dependency Ratio)
2017 Apr 201035 pagesThe Gradual Instruction of Humankind by a Series of Prophets from God
2017 Apr 121034 pagesSystematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis - Overcoming Selection Bias
2017 Mar 281031 pagesModern Druids (Neo-Druidism / Neo-Druidry)
2017 Mar 201032 pagesThe Awkward Europeans: The UK's Relationship With the EU
2017 Mar 201031 pagesThe United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP): All About Nigel Farage?
2017 Mar 091029 pagesDeleted some menu pages, as the tags system continues to roll out.
2017 Mar 071034 pagesStatistical Regression: Causes of Strange Beliefs and Pseudoscience
2017 Mar 031032 pagesContribute Opinion Pieces to the Human Truth Foundation
2017 Feb 271031 pagesReligious Extremism
2017 Feb 251030 pagesScientific Theories Must Make Way for New Evidence
2017 Feb 241029 pagesThe Banning of Face Coverings such as the Niqab and Burqa in Europe
2017 Feb 221029 pagesRelaunched several subsites under a new banner: The Human Truth Foundation
A snapshot of The Human Truth Foundation front page
2017 Feb 221029 pagesArguments That Jesus Survived the Crucifixion
2017 Feb 161028 pagesAnti-Religion Quotes, Memes and Graphics
2017 Feb 131022 pagesHow Does Karma Work in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism?
2017 Feb 071021 pagesThe Advantages of Keeping Physically Fit - Good For You, Good For Your Country
2017 Feb 011020 pagesChristian Extremism, Intolerance and Resurgent Fundamentalism
2017 Jan 311019 pagesBenefits of EU Membership: The Efficiency and Savings of Joint Endeavours
2017 Jan 311018 pagesReligion, Belief and Prayer Does Not Help Infant Mortality Rates
2017 Jan 281018 pagesIslamic Violent Fundamentalism and Extremism
2017 Jan 251017 pagesAgnosticism
2017 Jan 231016 pagesMoral Relativism: Absolute Morality is Not Possible
2017 Jan 191015 pagesAdded five new graphics to Inspirational Life Graphics and Quotes
2017 Jan 151010 pagesAnti-Semitism
2017 Jan 131009 pagesRationalism Versus Irrationality: Are Emotions Useful?
2017 Jan 121009 pagesReligion as the Result of Human Mythmaking
2017 Jan 071008 pagesRelaunched, rewritten: Ephesians - The Epistle of St. Paul to the Ephesians
2017 Jan 071008 pagesThe Mass Media and Democracy
2017 Jan 051007 pagesPastafarianism (Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster)
2017 Jan 021006 pagesIslam and Antisemitism: High Rates of Muslim Racism Against Jews


2016 Dec 241005 pagesHuman Story Telling: The Poor Accuracy of Oral Transmission
2016 Dec 221004 pagesEndorsement of Violence and Murder in the Old Testament
2016 Dec 211003 pagesFundamentalist Judaism and Jewish Terrorism
2016 Dec 191002 pagesLiberals and Academics Understand Scripture Better Than Believers
2016 Dec 161001 pagesWhy Are There So Many Religious People? Parents, Local Culture and Inertia
2016 Dec 151000 pagesSurviving Death and the Meaning of Life
HarperCollins Book Publishers: Occasional Strategic Falsehoods
2016 Dec 08997 pagesVoter Stupidity and the Ignorance of the Masses (A Democratic Challenge)
2016 Dec 08996 pagesThe Foundations of Islam in Paganism
2016 Nov 30995 pagesCriticism of the New Age: Ridiculous Practices, Daft Beliefs and Pseudoscience
2016 Nov 28994 pagesRelaunched What are 'Left Hand Path' Religions?
2016 Nov 25994 pagesThe 12 Disciples: The Christian Take on Ancient Astrology
2016 Nov 21993 pagesPerception is Influenced By Expectation: You Can't Always Trust Your Senses
2016 Nov 13993 pagesRupert Murdoch and News Corp's Involvements in Politics
2016 Nov 08992 pagesThe Bahá'í Faith
2016 Nov 01991 pagesWhich Countries Do the Most Research and Development?
2016 Oct 23992 pagesThe British National Party (BNP) of the UK
2016 Oct 17991 pagesReligion and the Fear of Death
2016 Oct 13990 pagesPantheism
2016 Oct 10989 pagesDemocratic Disillusionment and Voter Apathy
2016 Oct 06988 pagesJudge a Person By Their Actions Not By Their Beliefs
2016 Sep 30987 pagesThe Crucifixion in the Bible's Gospels: Differences and Contradictions
2016 Sep 11986 pagesWhy are Our Memories Unreliable?
2016 Aug 31985 pagesMass Media: Sensationalism, Panics and Exaggeration
2016 Aug 25984 pagesDefinitions of Secularisation Theory: Why is Religion Declining?
2016 Aug 22983 pagesSimple Answers in a Complex and Uncertain World: What Causes Religion?
2016 Aug 20982 pagesSpecial Operations (1984) - 8 Bit Computer Game Walkthrough
2016 Aug 13981 pagesNon-Religious Secular Jews (Cultural Judaism)
2016 Aug 07980 pagesWhich are the Best and Worst Newspapers in the UK?
2016 Jul 11979 pagesConsciousness as an Emergent Property
2016 Jul 10978 pagesPareidolia - Seeing False Patterns in Random Data: Faces in Toast, Bible Codes and Conspiracy Theories
2016 Jul 05976 pagesAstrology: Do Observed Positions of the Planets Influence Our Lives in Mystical Ways?
2016 Jul 03974 pagesWhat the Worst and Most Horrible Genetic Diseases?
2016 Jun 30973 pagesThe Forer (or Barnum) Effect
2016 Jun 09972 pagesThe Economic Benefits to the UK of Remaining in the EU
2016 Jun 04971 pagesLGBT Rights Across the World: Which are the Best and Worst Countries?
2016 May 31970 pagesTo Act Morally or With Free Will, You First Need Knowledge
2016 May 21969 pagesBelief in the Theory of Evolution Versus Religious Faith
2016 May 14968 pagesWhat is Religion? How Do You Define Religion?
2016 May 04967 pagesWhat Do Religions Say About Souls?
2016 Apr 30966 pagesBenefits for the UK of EU Membership
2016 Apr 23965 pagesWhat Does the Christian Bible say About Prayer? How Should Christians Pray?
2016 Apr 20962 pagesZiggy, my content-management programme, contains 34 tables, 40 queries, 14 forms, 2 macros, 12508 lines of code and is 127MB in size. It has notes on 411 books/sources, including 3582 quotes from those sources. It has 1240 outstanding to-do items, 1052 URLs (including 86 beta pages that aren't yet published), spread across 54 subsites. It has 81 notes files, some of which are encrypted. It does FTP and file management (including CRC checks) and is self-archiving. It all runs in an MS Access database in a single file. And of course it derives its name from Quantum Leap.
2016 Apr 16964 pagesThe Placebo Effect and the Positive Power of the Mind on Health
2016 Apr 14964 pagesHinduism: Fundamentalism and Violent Extremism
2016 Apr 12963 pagesOut of Body Experiences (OBEs): Astral Projection or Soul Travelling?
2016 Mar 28962 pagesCrime Fighting Within the EU: Why Should the UK Stay in Europe?
2016 Mar 21961 pagesWhat is Religious Fundamentalism?
2016 Mar 14960 pagesThe European Union and the Promotion of Democracy
2016 Mar 08959 pagesPrayer is Magic, and Prayers are Spells
2016 Mar 05958 pagesNietzsche - We Have No Dreams, or, Interesting Ones
2016 Mar 05957 pagesIs Atheism a Religion?
2016 Mar 01956 pagesAdvantages of European Union (EU) Membership: Consumer Power
2016 Feb 14955 pagesScience and Religion
2016 Feb 11954 pagesThe Power of Solidarity: Why the UK Should Stay in the EU
2016 Feb 08953 pagesDifferent Types of Atheism and Atheist Beliefs
2016 Feb 07952 pagesAn introduction to Vodun, or Voodoo
2016 Jan 02951 pagesInspirational Life Graphics and Quotes


2015 Dec 30946 pagesDeism: The belief in god, but not in religions nor supernaturalism
2015 Dec 27945 pagesThe Glory of Great Men Should Always be Measured by the Means They Have Used to Acquire It
2015 Dec 23944 pagesCauses of Belief in the Afterlife and Differences Across Religions and Cultures
2015 Nov 25943 pagesHallucinations, Sensory Deprivation and Fasting: The Physiological Causes of Religious and Mystical Experiences
2015 Nov 23940 pagesThe Gaia Hypothesis of James Lovelock
2015 Nov 12939 pagesCan God Lie? Is God Always Truthful in the Christian Bible? (contradictions in the Bible)
2015 Nov 11938 pagesWhen Human Religions Meet Intelligent Alien Life
2015 Nov 10937 pagesWhat are the Chances of There Being Alien Life in the Universe?
2015 Oct 23936 pagesRewritten and relaunched: Will We Be Able to Transfer Human Consciousness to the Internet?
2015 Oct 20936 pagesThe Inevitability of Life: The Universe is Fine-Tuned for No-one!
2015 Oct 09931 pagesBe Excellent To Each Other!
2015 Sep 30930 pagesDoes Homeopathy Work? What are the Risks and Dangers?
2015 Sep 06929 pagesDid King David and Solomon Exist? The Puzzle of the Missing Empire
2015 Aug 30928 pagesChristianity and Sexuality: The Damaging Results of Faulty Teachings
2015 May 04930 pagesThe Jedi Knight Religion, Inspired by Star Wars (Jediism)
2015 May 02929 pagesCreationism and Intelligent Design: Christian Fundamentalism
2015 Apr 27Ziggy, my content-management programme, contains 35 tables, 37 queries, 14 forms, 2 macros, 12051 lines of code and is 138MB in size. It has notes on 389 books/sources, including 3397 quotes from those sources. It has 734 outstanding to-do items, 1023 URLs (including 93 beta pages that aren't yet published), spread across 49 subsites. It has 75 notes files, some of which are encrypted. It does FTP and file management (including CRC checks) and is self-archiving. It all runs in an MS Access database in a single file.
2015 Apr 25928 pagesThe Formation and Creation of the Bible's New Testament
2015 Apr 18929 pagesModern Paganism (Neopaganism). I have been deleting a few old / waffly pages.
2015 Apr 12928 pagesWho Wrote the Four Gospels of the New Testament? An Introduction to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.. I have completely redone the global menus, making it you don't have to hover over each one to see the submenu, and putting it all in one single pull-down menu. It is designed to be more tablet/mobile friendly.
2015 Apr 01929 pagesThe True Meaning of Easter
2015 Mar 30928 pagesThe Easter Bunny: Its History and Meaning
2015 Mar 29927 pagesWhere do Easter Eggs Come From? What do Easter Eggs Mean?
2015 Mar 25926 pagesReligion in Europe. I've moved all of my site's adverts from a right-floated vertical div into 3 horizontal bars spread throughout the page, so as not to squeeze up the main content to the left when viewed on small screens.
2015 Mar 01925 pagesUK's Increasing Costs of Alcohol Over-use
2015 Feb 19924 pagesFootball and Hooliganism in British Trash Culture
2015 Jan 31923 pagesShamanism


2014 Dec 27922 pagesThe Evolution of the Human Eye, Complete With Its Inside-Out Retina
2014 Dec 16921 pagesDictionary List of Different Types of Religion
2014 Dec 05920 pagesBible-Based Absolute Morals are Impossible Because All Scripture is Interpreted Subjectively
2014 Nov 23919 pagesFake and Imaginary Ghosts: Some Stories are Simply Made Up
2014 Nov 10918 pagesSelection Bias and Confirmation Bias
2014 Nov 02917 pagesWomen as Possessions and Objects of Beauty in the Bible
2014 Oct 29916 pagesBiblical Dress Codes: God's Laws on Clothes
2014 Oct 22915 pagesLet those curtains of delusion fall!
2014 Oct 19914 pagesA Book Review of "Their Name is Today" by Johann Christoph Arnold
2014 Oct 04913 pagesHuman Rights and Secular Morals: Ethics Without Religion or Faith
2014 Sep 27912 pagesCounter-Cultural and Alternative New Religious Movements
2014 Sep 13911 pagesThe Old Testament Versus the New Testament: Do Christians Still Have to Observe OT Law?
2014 Aug 31911 pagesHappiness and Religion: Does Belief Make You Happy Or Does Unhappiness Make You Believe?
2014 Aug 10910 pagesThe Yezidis / Yazidis: Persecution Amidst Claims of Devil Worship
2014 Jul 01909 pagesRemoved the "Dream Diary" page categories, they're now all linked directly from Vexen Crabtree's Dream Diary (2000-2003)
2014 Jun 30915 pagesPseudoscience and Health: The World of Alternatives (to Truth)
2014 Jun 22914 pagesGod is Logically Impossible: The Argument for Atheism from Incoherence
2014 Jun 06913 pagesHow Fast Do We Move When Standing Still, Due to the Earth's Spin and Speed? And a Warning for Time Travellers
2014 Apr 25912 pagesWicca - The Rise of a Western Mystery Religion Based on Witchcraft
2014 Feb 09911 pagesOpt-Out Organ Donation Schemes
2014 Feb 08910 pagesFad Diets and Pseudoscience: Let's Stop Falling for These Tricks
2014 Feb 05909 pagesThe Evil One in Buddhism: Māra, the Buddhist Satan
2014 Feb 04908 pagesSatan and The Devil in World Religions


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2013 Dec 24908 pagesAndrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre; and the Wilberforce Academy
2013 Dec 22907 pagesGrowing Fundamentalism in Islam: How Moderates are Subjugated by Muslim Hardliners. The page count given on this page sometimes fluctuates downwards due to the occasional removal of an old, superceded or defunct page, or, because such a page is merged into the page.
2013 Dec 21906 pagesApostasy: Thought Crime in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
2013 Dec 13905 pagesCompare International Statistics by Region and Continent
2013 Dec 09906 pagesSelf Mastery, Self Development and Lifestyle Improvement almost completely rewritten, and the old "Accepting Criticism" page is merged into it.
2013 Nov 24907 pagesHinduism and Satanism on
2013 Nov 07905 pagesCreated Region pages: Asia, Africa, Europe, The Americas, Small Islands, Mediterranean Countries, Caribbean Countries and The Middle East
2013 Oct 15897 pagesThe British Broadcasting Corporation: Its Status, and Some Issues
2013 Aug 20896 pagesThe Mystical Number 7
2013 Jul 19894 pagesGhosts, Physical Properties and Ghostly Clothes: A Skeptical Investigation
2013 Jun 26893 pagesWorld War Z (2013) Film Review
2013 Jun 06892 pagesPsalm 104
2013 Jun 02891 pagesThe Best Aggressive Fast Zombie Films
2013 Jun 01891 pagesEckankar: The Religion of the Light and Sound of God, The Ancient Science of Soul Travel
2013 May 25890 pagesA List of All Religions and Belief Systems
2013 Apr 08889 pagesLaunched one page per country! For examples see Sweden, Germany, India and New Zealand
2013 Apr 07619 pagesTB Joshua's Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN): In Southwark, London, UK
2013 Apr 03618 pagesWinterval and Political Correctness Gone Mad: The Invented Attempt to Replace Christmas in the UK
2013 Feb 16503 pagesThe Christian Institute: A UK Political Lobbying Organisation
2013 Feb 07502 pagesWhy Do Women Have to Cover Their Hair in Judaism, Christianity and Islam?
2013 Feb 01501 pagesDon't Panic: The World is Not About to End and Western Culture is Safe
Ziggy, my content-management, notes & book quotes program (which I program myself), has 32 tables, 38 queries, 20 forms, 2 macros, 7395 lines of code and is 80MB in size. It has notes on 307 books, including 2469 quotes from those books. I have 473 outstanding to-do items. I have 684 pages including 183 which are not yet released, spread across 47 subsites. It contains 85 notes files (some encrypted).
2013 Jan 23499 pagesThe Book of Psalms, Number 14
2013 Jan 23498 pagesBook of Genesis chapter 3: Adam, Eve and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden
2013 Jan 08497 pagesThe Internet and Religion
2013 Jan 01496 pagesNoah, the Ark and the Flood, from the Bible Book of Genesis


2012 Nov 28497 pagesIslam and Science: Errors in the Qur'an and Arab Education
2012 Nov 19496 pagesDocetism: Early Christianity of the 1st to 7th Century
2012 Nov 17495 pagesThe New Age
2012 Nov 13493 pagesA Book Review of "Key Thinkers in the Sociology of Religion" by Richard Fenn
2012 Oct 01493 pagesLot and the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah: In Genesis 18 and 19
2012 Sep 04492 pagesIs God All-Powerful? Can God or Anything Truly Be Omnipotent?
2012 Aug 30491 pagesIncest in the Bible: Adam and Eve and Their Children, and Noah and His Family
2012 Aug 14490 pagesProverbs Chapter 6
2012 Jul 22491 pagesAdded a global menu to every page, and destroyed most site formats, and replaced them with a generic, global structure, allowing only limited deviations. Has vastly simplified my backend database architecture and provides easier navigation for readers.
2012 Jul 22489 pages1 John Chapter 5
2012 Jul 17490 pagesThe 'Global Menu' is released, using JQuery, which is being put on the top of every page. Many website themes are now merged into one overall theme, to aid in navigation and clarity.
2012 Jul 15490 pagesHebrew Scriptures and Christian Holy Bibles Across Different Traditions is launched, with one page for each book of the Bible.
2012 Jun 19412 pagesWhy Did Some People in the Bible Live So Long?
2012 May 19411 pagesAbraham's Attempted Sacrifice of His Son Isaac: Genesis 22:1-18 and Qur'an 37:99-113
2012 May 04409 pagesMulticulturalism, Globalisation and Religion
2012 Apr 18409 pagesRelaunch: Illegal Downloading of Digital Music, Books and Media: Wishful Thinking and Greed
2012 Mar 30408 pagesAccepting Assisted Suicide: A Focus on UK Law
2012 Jan 05407 pagesShadow Guardians


2011 Nov 19406 pagesRewrote Enforced Christianity in the Modern British Army: Remembrance Sunday and Church Parades
2011 Oct 04406 pagesRewrote Approaching Death: Some Instincts of the Human Animal
2011 Jun 19406 pagesHow to Pray in Islam, According to the Qur'an
2011 Jun 18405 pagesScriptural Debating Style: Christians and Muslims Must be Patient and Courteous
2011 Jun 02404 pagesThe End of the World is Nigh! The Dangers of Apocalyptism and End-Times Beliefs
2011 Apr 18404 pagesGod's Methods of Communication: Universal Truth Versus Hebrew and Arabic
2011 Apr 13403 pagesIslam and Women
2011 Mar 11402 pagesThe Islamic Religion is Often Mixed With Cultural Practices
2011 Mar 09401 pagesIslamophobia: Anti-Muslim Racism Versus 'The Race Card'
2011 Feb 24403 pagesHumanism
2011 Feb 09404 pagesSecularism
2011 Jan 22403 pagesI am adding Facebook Like buttons on a site-by-site basis. As I do this I get to see how many likes pages already have from people typing URLs into Facebook manually. Hundreds, in some cases.
2011 Jan 18403 pagesChristian Adoptionism and the Baptism of Jesus Christ: Centuries of Belief Before the Trinity
2011 Jan 09407 pagesReligious Clothing and Symbols in Secular Democracies


2010 Dec 01461 pagesRelaunch: The Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism website redesigned
2010 Jul 18461 pagesThe God of the Gaps
2010 May 04464 pagesRelaunch: The Bane of Monotheism: Against Single-God Religions website redesigned
2010Many minor pages are being deleted. Additions and alterations to webpages are announced on Vexen Crabtree's journals


2010 Feb 08512 pagesRelaunch: Time to Move On: Religion Has Cost Too Much
2009 Nov 29516 pagesWhy Question Beliefs? Dangers of Placing Ideas Beyond Doubt, and Advantages of Freethought
2009 Nov 02516 pagesElectromagnetic Radiation and the Human Body
2009 Sep 13516 pagesOrganized Coverups of Sexual Child Abuse by Priests, Clergy and Christian Institutions
2009 Mar 22523 pages"General Neophobia in Everyday Life: Humankind's Fear of Progress and Change" by Vexen Crabtree (2009)


2008 Oct 24556 pagesErrors in Thinking: Cognitive Errors, Wishful Thinking and Sacred Truths
2008 Sep 28555 pages"Religion, Violence, Crime and Mass Suicide" by Vexen Crabtree (2009)
2008 Jul 22554 pagesHow Modern Christianity Began: The Cappadocian-Nicene-Pauline Roman Amalgamation
2008 May 16552 pagesArian Christianity (the Father is Greater than the Son): A Precursor to Modern Christianity
2008 Mar 06550 pagesI have deleted the Photosite. Some photos remain on blogs & journals
2008 Jan 23634 pagesRelaunched Fundamentalism and Literalism in World Religions


2007 Dec 06644 pagesSatanism and Environmentalism
2007 Sep 05642 pagesThe Divine Number 12: 12 Gods, 12 Disciples, 12 Tribes and the Zodiac
2007 Aug 16642 pagesMoojan Momen's 8 Pathways to Religious Experience: Categorizing Satanism
2007 Jul 30641 pagesReligion Versus Womankind
2007 Jul 19640 pagesPublic Transport is Good. The Advantages of Pooled Transport.
2007 Jul 19638 pagesMelton & Moore's 8 Religious Categories: Satanism's Position
2007 Jul 19637 pagesSatanism is a World-Affirming Religion, not a World-Renouncing One
2007 Jun 20642 pagesUniforce: An International Military Force
2007 May 31639 pagesThe Four Dimensions and the Immutability of God
2007 May 19638 pagesThe European Union: Democratic Values, The Euro, Crises and Migration
2007 May 10635 pagesNational Apologies for Ancestral Sins and Historical Evils
2007 Mar 25634 pagesFrom the Big Bang Theory to Multiverses: How and Why Does the Universe Exist?
2007 Mar 10633 pagesGive to Charity Directly, Not to Church
2007 Feb 25638 pagesEvolution and the Unintelligent Design of Life: Inherited Traits, Genetic Dysfunction and Artificial Life
2007 Jan 11638 pagesThe Benefits to the UK of Immigration
2007 Jan 08637 pagesWhat Causes Religion and Superstitions?
2007 Jan 01636 pagesReligion and Intelligence


2006 Dec 31635 pagesSplit Brain Studies: One Mind per Hemisphere: Popular 'soul' theories are too simplistic.
2006 Dec 16634 pagesChristianity v. Astronomy: The Earth Orbits the Sun!
2006 Nov 16633 pagesDemocracy: Its Foundations and Modern Challenges
2006 Oct 31632 pagesPsychosomosis - the Placebo and Nocebo Effects: Curing and Causing Disease with the Mind (2008)
2006 Oct 30631 pagesThe Benefits and Dangers of Vegetarianism (2023)
2006 Oct 24630 pages"Alcohol: The Social & Medical Effects and How to Combat Misuse" by Vexen Crabtree (2015)
2006 Oct 01629 pagesIslam and the West: Pluralism, Immigration and Danger
2006 Sep 30628 pagesIslam: A Critical Look at Contemporary Issues
2006 Sep 29627 pagesScandinavia, the Crown of Civilisation:Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland
2006 Sep 27626 pagesIslam versus Unbelievers: Convert, Subjugate or Die
2006 Sep 14629 pagesWhat Religion Would Zombies Be?
2006 Sep 10628 pagesZombies!!! Film reviews, biology, neurology and societal commentary
2006 Sep 06625 pagesHalloween
2006 Sep 05624 pagesNew website: UK Military and the European Context
New page: Military Inspections: What's the point?
2006 Aug 30622 pagesSatanism and Love
2006 Aug 27621 pagesRedone Western Culture: Popular Culture, Multiculturalism, Elitism, Tolerance and Western Trash
2006 Aug 23621 pagesReligion in the UK's Armed Forces
2006 Aug 21620 pagesThe Gospel of Mark
2006 Aug 15620 pagesThe Responsibility to Defend the Developed World
2006 Aug 10619 pagesSatan is Death
2006 Aug 07618 pages"The Population of the Earth" by Vexen Crabtree
2006 Aug 04617 pagesSecularisation Theory: Modern Society Will Reject Religion
2006 Jul 27618 pagesMilitary: Religious Coercion in the British Army: Memorial Services, Church Parades and Tolerance
2006 Jul 11617 pagesThe Christian God of the Bible is Evil
2006 Jun 09616 pagesMilitary: Army Basic Training: Weeding Out the Week
2006 Jun 18615 pagesA Type of Christianity: Marcionites (2nd Century)
2006 Jun 17612 pagesNew Page: Types of Christianity in History: Who Were the First Christians?
1st Century Christian Ebionites: The Original Christians?
2006 May 31611 pagesNew Page: Mass Belief
2006 May 23609 pagesNew Domain: www.Human
New Page: The Scientific Method
2006 Apr 18607 pagesNew Page: Single Issue Parties are Dangerous (BNP, etc)
2006 Apr 12604 pagesSatanism: The Unnatural Religion
2006 Mar 10604 pagesThe Book of Satan
2006 Mar 10603 pagesMultinational Corporations versus Democracy
2006 Mar 06602 pagesBook Review of "Creatures from Inner Space" by Stan Gooch. Deleted some photos.
2006 Mar 05603 pagesSpirit Dualism: Are spirits 'good' or 'evil'?
2006 Mar 01602 pagesRewrote page on the What are 'Left Hand Path' Religions?
2006 Feb 28602 pagessouls portal page now replaced by tagging system
2006 Feb 01601 pagesGod and Pronouns: God has No Gender
2006 Jan 14607 pagesAltruism is an Illusion


2005 Dec 28607 pagesdeleted
2005 Dec 24606 pagesSatanism: The Natural Religion
2005 Dec 18605 pagesBlasphemy Laws in the UK
2005 Dec 11604 pagesChristmas
2005 Aug 29603 pagesThe Goodguy Badge: Vexen's page on LaVey's term describing the shallow things people do to look and feel 'good'
2005 Aug 23604 pages2005 Summer Photos of Vexen and Workmates, and Vexen's Jul 18th Photos of London from the London Eye
2005 Aug 16602 pagesInternational Date Format (ISO 8601) and Time Measurements
2005 Aug 15601 pagesDoubled the size of God Must Be Evil (If It Exists)
2005 Aug 14601 pagesSatanism as the Worship of Truth and Reality, according to Vexen
2005 Aug 13600 pagesCritical Thinking on Acupuncture: How Does it Work?
2005 Aug 07599 pagesMilitary Drill: Its Theory and Purpose
The Importance of Current Events is Amplified by our Egos
2005 Jul 20596 pagesHellraiser films; Reviews and Commentary on Hellraiser, the Cenobites, Pinhead. By Vexen Crabtree
2005 Jun 04593 pagesIf Vexen Crabtree was God, what would he do? And why doesn't God do these things?
2005 May 29592 pageslist of pages on life/death/evolution
2005 May 28591 pagesCultural Religion Versus Scholarly Religion
2005 May 03590 pagesBiblical Christianity Denies Free Will
2005 May 01589 pagesSatanism is a Different Religion to Christianity!
2005 Apr 24588 pagesNew website: Countries, including new essay Which Country Sets the Best Examples?
2005 Apr 10586 pagesGod never needs to "test" us, it already knows what we'll do
2005 Mar 22585 pagesPrayer is Pointless, Except as Meditation
2005 Mar 20584 pagesNew dream pages: Dream Interpretation, The Biology of Dreams and Nightmares
2005 Mar 19581 pagesNew page on Homosexuality replaces two previous pages from 1998 and 1999
2005 Feb 07582 pagesNew photos: 2004 Sep - London
2005 Jan 31581 pagesFascism and Satanism. Deleted more of the photosite.
2005 Jan 27588 pagesEquality, Egalitarianism and Social Stratification in Satanism
2005 Jan 25587 pagesFriedrich Nietzsche on Vexen's A to Z of Satanism page
Deleted 150 photos and 21 pages from the photosite
2005 Jan 06609 pagesBuddhism


2004 Dec 16608 pages2 new Vexen photos, the first new ones for over a year
2004 Nov 29607 pagesDream: Delusional Fear (of Zombies!): Everyone is Trying to Eat Me!
New website: United Kingdom: Successes and Failures
Why Dislike the UK?
UK Trash Culture
The United Kingdom's Successes and Strengths
2004 Nov 22602 pagesOntological Argument for God (Descartes & Anselm)
2004 Nov 14601 pagesCriticisms of Buddhism: Its History, Doctrine and Common Practices
2004 Nov 09600 pages"Evil is the absence of good" does not explain why God created evil
2004 Nov 01599 pagesReligion and Morals
2004 Oct 20598 pagesGive to Charity Directly, Not to Church. Note the page count is correct, I've been shuffling old stuff around and deleting pages
2004 Oct 17599 pagesGod doesn't need prayer, prophets, souls, evangelists or religious buildings
2004 Oct 06598 pagesAnti-Semitism: 2000 Years of Christian Love and pages on Judaism
2004 Aug 19598 pagesHistorical Satanism and The Knights Templar. Deleted the Ambient Halls site
2004 Aug 19601 pagesThe Untermensch: The Inferior of Society, the Drones, the Sheep
2004 Aug 18600 pagesMarriage and Engagement. Deleted some older pages and both games
2004 Jun 19609 pagesLegislation and Faith: Religious Rights and Religious Wrongs
2004 May 26608 pagesVexen on the New Age and Satanism
2004 May 23607 pagesOld page
Deleted friends pages for security reasons


2003 Dec 31619 pagesDream: Yellow Sickness Zombies in School
2003 Nov 20618 pagesReview of "The Jewish War" by Flavius Josephus
2003 Nov 15617 pagesUSA: Supporting Obnoxious Regimes
USA: Contempt for United Nations and International Folly
2003 Nov 11614 pagesNew game: Military Badges of Rank game
True, Real and Traditional Satanism
2003 Nov 08612 pagesThe Trident, The Pitchfork
2003 Oct 26611 pagesQuotes and notes on Varieties of Religious Experience by William James.
Fundamentalism and Literalism in World Religions
2003 Oct 12607 pagesBuddhism is an Atheist Religion
2003 Aug 28605 pagesUnited States of America: Foreign Aid
2003 Aug 17604 pagesArctic Zombies and a Postcard Written to God & Hellraiser
2003 Aug 02603 pagesIf there is a god it is evil and even if there isn't, an evil symbol is a better symbol of reality than a good one
Have converted Photosite into individual pages instead of DHTML rewrites
2003 Jun 25529 pagesSatan is Death
I have made massive changes to the photosite
2003 Jun 04490 pagesReligion in the United Kingdom: Diversity, Trends and Decline, Faith Schools in the UK, Growing fundamentalism within Christianity and Anti-Religious Forces: Specific Factors Fuelling Secularisation
2003 May 24489 pagesSatanism as a Mystery Religion
2003 Apr 29480 pagesBane of Monotheism: Reasons why the "free will" justification of evil does not work and The Experience of Evil Theodicy
2003 Apr 24476 pagesHTML Emails
2003 Apr 22475 pagesReligion and Abolition of the Historical Slave Trade
2003 Apr 18475 pagesNew site including Chemical Support, about drugs, alcohol and cigarettes
2003 Apr 17474 pagesNew text: The Christian Institute
2003 Apr 15472 pagesNew page: The Roman Catholic Church
2003 Apr 08469 pagesNew site: Satanism Counter Criticism pages including new text on "Is Satanism a Cult of Personality"?
2003 Apr 06466 pagesChristianity's 7 Day Creation Myth
2003 Apr 01465 pagesWords that Satanists Don't Like
2003 Mar 25464 pagesNew: Tracklistings for Baphomet Method music project
2003 Mar 19456 pagesNew: Satanic Union of Gnostic Eidolon and Daemon using Belial
2003 Mar 18455 pagesNew dream: CGI Dinosaurs
2003 Mar 16454 pagesNew dream: Nelson Mandela and his tank
2003 Mar 15453 pagesNew dream: Fundamentalist Christian and Hellraiser
2003 Feb 24451 pagesThe Intellectual Decompression Chamber
2003 Feb 21449 pagesNew book quotes: Review of 'The Jesus Mysteries' by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy
2003 Feb 18448 pagesI have recently completely rewritten Numbers of adherents of major religions become exaggerated and The Mistaken Homocentricity of Religion
2003 Feb 17448 pagesNew Dream: Blade 3
2003 Feb 16447 pagesNew page: London Satanists' 2002 Sep 22 meet photos and London pages (for Satanists)
New book quotes from Review of 'The Dead Sea Scrolls' by S. Hodge.
2003 Feb 08442 pagesInfanticide and Heaven: Killing Babies for God
2003 Jan 30440 pagesNew page: Satan and The Devil in World Religions
New dream: supermarket army
2003 Jan 28438 pagesNew book review: Moojan Momen's "The Phenomenon Of Religion: A Thematic Approach".
2003 Jan 27437 pagesNew Dream: friendly aliens visit shoe shops
2003 Jan 14436 pagesLaunched Baphomet Method
2003 Jan 05434 pagesUpdates: Removed some pages. Moved goth site to my main domain
New page: Satanism: The Profane Religion
2003 Jan 03435 pagesNew dream: A Cult of Pregnant Women Near Kings Cross, London
2003 Jan 03434 pagesThe Red Jewel


2002 Dec 14429 pagesNew index page: Essays on Symbolism within Satanism
2002 Dec 13427 pagesQuotes from 'The Chatto Book of the Devil' by Francis Spufford
2002 Dec 11426 pagesSatan Represents Doubt: Satanic Epistemology
2002 Dec 10425 pagesNew rant: Fashion
2002 Dec 09424 pagesBook review of Pagan Pathways by Harvey & Hardman (deleted on 2015 Apr 18
2002 Dec 07423 pagesThe Battle Between Monotheism and Homosexuality: Religious Prejudice Versus EqualityBook Review of The C of E: The State Its In by Monica Furong (2000)
2002 Dec 06421 pagesSex and Sexuality in Satanism, the Religion of the Flesh
2002 Dec 01419 pagesThe Religion of the Flesh
New unforgiving circumstance: Ronald York.
2002 Nov 30418 pagesThe Nine Satanic Sins and The Nine Satanic Statements
2002 Nov 28416 pagesThe Qur'an is Incomplete and Untrustworthy
2002 Nov 27415 pages2 dreams: deleted and Shiver Stand: Young Adults Harbour and Use a Demon
2002 Nov 21413 pagesThe False and Conflicting Experiences of Mankind: How Other Peoples' Experience Contradict Our Own Beliefs
2002 Nov 17411 pagesSatanism is More than Humanism
2002 Nov 13409 pagesThe Causes of Satanism
2002 Nov 09406 pagesSelf Worth in Satanism
2002 Nov 06405 pagesHell in World Religions. Also created Satanic Symbols and Images of Satanism
2002 Nov 05403 pagesSatanic Character Types. I also separated main essay list page into several smaller pages.
Over 400 pages!
2002 Nov 03398 pagesThe Nine Satanic Sins
2002 Nov 01396 pagesRecent new items:
  • Conversion and Deconversion to Satanism Amidst the Absence of Proselytizing
  • Poem: Nine Months from March
  • The Sinister Left, Lex Talonis and the fear of the Moon
  • Metaphysical Solipsism is Not True
  • Satanic Social Ethics and Teachings on Morality in Satanism
  • 2002 Oct 23393 pagesNew rant: Internet chat and shorthand
    2002 Oct 11389 pagesUniversalism: If there is a Good God, Everyone Must Go to Heaven
    2002 Oct 10388 pagesGood is Derived from Evil: Satanic Theory
    2002 Oct 07386 pagesThe Industrial Dance Music genre
    2002 Oct 05385 pagesNew page: The Funeral Ritual Instinct
    2002 Sep 30383 pagesChristian Mythology: Adam and Eve, and the Serpent, in the Garden of Eden
    2002 Sep 27379 pagesNew portal: Quotes Pages
    2002 Sep 26376 pagesNew Litany of Satan: The Ancient of Nights
    2002 Sep 25375 pagesThe Assumptions about God and Creation, of Both Theists and Atheists
    2002 Sep 21374 pagesUniversalism: If there is a Good God, Everyone Must Go to Heaven
    2002 Sep 20373 pagesChristian Universalism in Matthew and Luke: Parables of the Vineyard Workers and the Lost Sheep
    2002 Sep 19372 pagesThe Crucifixion Facade
    2002 Sep 18371 pagesNew page on Camden Town and popular alternative brands
    New essay: The Taboo
    2002 Sep 16369 pagesSpiritual Reality: Assumptions that materialists and theists make about spirits and how the supernatural can exist without God
    2002 Sep 04361 pagesThe Satanic Mind is Balanced
    2002 Sep 02360 pagesRedone Music Site that lists my CDs and removed a few pages. The old server broke.
    New page: Self Mastery, Self Development and Lifestyle Improvement
    2002 Sep 01360 pagesAccepting Personal Criticism
    2002 Aug 23357 pagesThe Universe Could Not Have Been Created by God: The Failure of First Cause Arguments
    2002 Aug 20354 pagesBoredom and Sexual Energy
    2002 Aug 09354 pagesUpdated Church of Satan
    2002 Jul 30353 pagesPoem: The Empire Girl
    2002 Jul 26349 pagesBrief on looks: what do punks, goths, etc, look like?
    2002 Jul 24348 pagesNew pages:
  • Laws, Sins and Rules of Satanism: A Lack of Legalism
  • AI Proof of God and Self Esteem Theodicy
  • 2002 Jul 23346 pagesRewrote my page on :Wumpscut: and added 8 album reviews and track listings
    2002 Jul 22346 pagesThe Dark Force In Nature
    2002 Jun 26345 pagesNew pages Sex and Sexuality in Satanism, the Religion of the Flesh and Masturbation, Relationships, Honesty
    2002 Jun 25343 pagesNew dream: Take Out The Eyes Of The One Summoned By Crows
    2002 Jun 09342 pagesSwasticross - The Cross and The Swastika
    2002 Jun 03340 pagesThe Ironic Nature of Possessions by Vexen Crabtree (2002)
    2002 May 15339 pagesDeleted old site moved most of the content to
    2002 May 05344 pagesSatanic Bible study page: The Book of Satan 1:1-4
    2002 Apr 21339 pagesLaunched the token Hertfordshire Satanists Society website
    2002 Apr 18336 pagesPages on Epistemology (2012 Dec 10 - now merged with another page)
    2002 Apr 17335 pagesSolipsism and Greater Magic in LaVeyan Satanism
    2002 Apr 08331 pagesDreams: Two Rooms With Monsters
    2002 Apr 03330 pagesNew Satanic Litany: The Satanic Judge of Religion is Rising
    2002 Mar 31329 pagesOur Ability for Abstract Thought
    2002 Mar 29328 pagesNew art site
    2002 Mar 25326 pages2 new dreams: Doomed to Hell After Encountering Underground Tramps and City Tribe Helicopter
    2002 Mar 24324 pages3 new pages: Satanists and Satanic Community: How many are there and what are they like?, Satanic Parenting and Satanism - A Critique (put on my Criticism of Satanism site
    2002 Mar 21324 pages2 new photo categories
    2002 Feb 24322 pagesWhat are 'Left Hand Path' Religions?
    2002 Jan 27319 pagesPortal page: Stupidity
    2002 Jan 23315 pagesNew Dream: Red Scratches: We Face An Evil Force
    2002 Jan 22313 pagesAdded to Free Will and Religion area: The Validity of Love Theodicy: God, Humans, Free Will and Evil
    2002 Jan 19312 pagesAdded: Satanism and Elitism: The Alien Elite, the concept of Nietzsche's Ubermensch (superman or overman) in Satanism.
    2002 Jan 17310 pagesAdded: Deadism: Unholy mankind, rejection of the Holy Spirit, the unforgivable sin and Greg Boyd.
    2002 Jan 14309 pagesBane of Monotheism: The Problem of Evil: Why Would a Good God Create Suffering? pages including Natural Evil such as Earthquakes: Evidence That God is Not Good.
    2002 Jan 13304 pagesNew pages on Bane Of Monotheism: Monotheism and Free Will: God, Determinism and Fate, Open View Of God, God and Goodness: Can a Perfectly Benevolent God Exist?.
    2002 Jan 07299 pagesNew pages over the weekend:
  • Satanic Ritual and Satanic Magic.
  • 2 new Testimonies are added for Donna Black and @stolath.
  • About Satan: Righteous Satan Theologies: When Satan is Good.
  • 2002 Jan 01294 pagesGod Has No Free Will


    2001 Dec 28293 pagesNew pages over the last week:
  • My muses and early inspirations
  • The Traditional Devil
  • Dream: Aliens and Dreadnoughts
  • Satanic Ritual and Satanic Magic
  • Criticisms of LaVeyan Satanism
  • Caps Lock
  • Ethics Of Reciprocity like the Golden Rule and the Wiccan Rede Do Not Work
  • 2001 Dec 16287 pages40 new photos from 2001 Nov/Dec.
    The Indestructible Power Of Darkness: An Incoherency
    Stupidity is the Cardinal Sin of Satanism.
    2001 Dec 31280 pagesLaunched a new site as part of my Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism site: The Litanies Of Satan, which is a collection (10 at present) of diatribes, rants, essays, incoherence and apocalypse.
    2001 Oct 22270 pagesNew page showing off some old Quake 3 score tables and updated my Slimelight page including links to my Live Journal (online diary) write ups of my Slimelight experiences.
    2001 Oct 12265 pagesNew thing: Vexen's Infernal Diatribe.
    2001 Sep 30264 pagesWhy People Hate the USA: A Summary of Anti-Americanism
    New dream: Dreaming of Ants
    2001 Sep 26268 pagesNew page: Why are there so many Christians? I wrote this in July but never felt it was complete. Launched it anyway.
    2001 Sep 09266 pagesNew page: Western Culture: Trash and Popular Culture, Elitism and Multiculturalism
    2001 Sep 05264 pagesAdded nearly 60 Seattle holiday 2001-Aug photos.
    2001 Aug 16263 pagesAdded: Criticism and attacks on Satanism by various authors and "The Ritual of Realisation" by DG Daemon (2001)
    2001 Aug 05258 pagesLitany: One At A Time
    2001 Jul 30256 pagesNew photos: Family & Relatives
    2001 Jul 15253 pagesSatanic imagery & self alienation.
    How many Satanists are there in the UK?
    2001 Jul 07249 pagesLaunched: Domain of the Wiggy Woo
    2001 Jun 09230 pagesBloody Stupid Mundanes
    2001 Jun 05229 pagesLucifer, the Eastern Crown Prince of Satanism
    2001 May 28228 pagesAdded to my Friends pages and added St Francis of Assisi
    2001 May 27225 pagesMisanthropy, Nihilism and Self-Worth: People are Shit, Boring and Stupid : Victory Not Vengeance - Childhood trauma.
    2001 May 20223 pagesYet another new dream, deleted
    2001 May 20222 pagesAdded a new deram: Vexen the Haunted Murderer
    2001 May 19221 pagesWrote a band review for Metallica
    2001 May 13221 pagesNew Random Page
    2001 May 12220 pagesWrote a new band review for Beautiful South
    2001 May 08219 pagesWrote a band review for :Wumpscut:
    2001 May 06214 pagesNew Page: Subjectivism and Phenomenology: Is Objective Truth Obtainable?
    2001 Apr 22213 pagesLeviathan, the Western Crown Prince of Satanism
    Funny Bibles - comical historical mistranslations.
    Added great graphic to The Four Crown Princes of Hell.
    2001 Apr 16203 pagesAdded two new dreams to the Vexen Crabtree's Dream Diary (2000-2003), deleted and .
    2001 Apr 13201 pagesI added an Awards page to hold a Garden of Eden award.
    2001 Apr 10200 pagesRecently added song dedications page
    Hooray 200 pages!
    2001 Apr 10199 pagesLaunched The Church of the Christian and the Satanist site. (Taken down 2002 Mar 22)
    2001 Apr 08196 pagesRedesigned and rewrote much of the About Vexen Crabtree">About Vexen Crabtree site. Added more photos to the photosite, making 450 now
    2001 Mar 17197 pagesAdded a page to view all my cds of a particular rating
    2001 Mar 07196 pagesRedesigned the Supay Thoughts and amalgamated two of the poorer essays into one slightly better one. Added "Christian Moral Theory and Morality in Action: Biblical Morals and Social Disaster: 6.5. Abolition of Slavery" ('The Bible was not instrumental in removing the slave trade')
    2001 Feb 18197 pagesOn the Goth site I have separated the music page into 5 pages: all deleted
    2001 Jan 20193 pagesRemoved my old webring site, I just use Yahoo! Webring page from now
    2001 Jan 01196 pagesAdded text on Satan as one of the Four Crown Princes of Hell and the Sigil of the Baphomet (imagery).


    2000 Dec 24194 pagesAdded a Links Page that lists all other links pages. Redesigned some pages and the Main Page
    2000 Oct 08193 pagesAdded to the shrine: Books I own and things I like
    2000 Sep 27188 pagesRedone the layout and added a page to the Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism page.
    2000 Aug 30187 pagesAdded a dream to the Dream Site, and Appearances to my Human Subculture pages
    2000 Aug 09184 pagesA Defence of Psychodrama in Satanic Rituals
    2000 Jul 30183 pagesRewrote the Music page on the goth pages, adding a briefing into types of music
    2000 Jul 25183 pagesI've removed all the Javascript from this What's New page and the Vexen Crabtree's Websites: Page Index
    2000 Jul 23183 pagesLaunched two new ambient websites, one of them is a maze of images and the other a dream diary: Ambient Dream Site | Ambient Halls
    2000 Jul 22166 pagesI've removed all the Javascript from An Intimate Exploration of Furry Fandom due to a request/complaint
    2000 Jun 21166 pagesMoved the Photosite to a new (ASP) server, so the entire site runs without javascript. There are nearly 300 photos on it. I have been taking out the Javascript on many pages recently
    2000 Jun 08166 pagesRemoved old site and replaced it with a bigger Vexen Shrine
    2000 May 31180 pagesRedesigned the Religion pages into a new site: The Bane of Monotheism
    2000 May 19179 pagesUploaded my four Misanthropy Pages
    2000 May 15175 pagesI have broken up the About Vexen Crabtree Shrine into seventeen separate pages (since remerged into one page)
    2000 May 06160 pagesAbout Vexen Crabtree
    2000 Apr 27160 pagesCompiled tons of statistics from the books I normally quote stuff from: Religion in the United Kingdom: Diversity, Trends and Decline
    2000 Apr 22159 pagesAdded a page to the Holy Shit! pages: Give to Charity, not Church
    2000 Apr 15156 pagesPretentiousness, a quote from Nietzsche plus some text
    2000 Apr 14155 pagesAdded two examples to The Media.
    2000 Apr 06154 pagesRewrote the Anti-Semitism page
    2000 Mar 19153 pagesChanged level 2 into The Sanctuary, about Human Nature.
    2000 Mar 13153 pagesAdded a new category to the photosite
    2000 Mar 06152 pagesAdded a page to the Satanism pages from an email, morals (mail#1)
    2000 Jan 30143 pagesFinished rewriting the page: The Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism
    2000 Jan 24141 pagesDone the first in a series of concept Shrines. First one is: Vexen Crabtree is a Satanist
    2000 Jan 23141 pagesPoem
    2000 Jan 19138 pagesWords and Bias - on my choice of words
    2000 Jan 17137 pagesBook Reviews (index page replaced by #tags system)
    2000 Jan 13134 pagesRedone The Random Page
    2000 Jan 11133 pagesLaunched a new website: Holy Shit!, a humorous attack on monotheism
    2000 Jan 06126 pagesHow to Kill God and Reduce Religion


    22/Dec/1999125 pages: Three new pages: Christian Moral Theory and Morality in Action: Biblical Morals and Social Disaster, St Paul - History, Biblical Epistles, Gnosticism and Mithraism and The Gospel According to Saint Matthew
    12/Dec/1999123 pages: New antitheistic page shows off a new graphic, Not Flat
    09/Dec/1999122 pages: Photo Directory has a new URL and will be removed from my main site
    05/Dec/1999121 pages: Done a searching and sorting algorithm for the photos directories
    01/Dec/1999Redone parts of my Christianity page, especially the sections on the Virgin Birth and Nativity Myths
    15/Nov/1999Try out the new function - a link to a random page by me (I have 119 at the time of writing!)
    08/Nov/1999Added a page Emotions Are Biological: How Biochemistry and Neurology Account for Feelings. Also updated many of other pages in Supay Thoughts
    19/Oct/1999Added Vexen Crabtree Contact Details
    14/Oct/1999Noughts and Crosses game with optional computer player(s)! Yay! It works quite nicely, too!
    01/Sep/1999I have done a new set of replacement Satanism pages on a different server
    25/Aug/99I have rewritten the content of two previous pages and replaced them with a single page called The Vexen Datafile
    18/Aug/99The goth page on /2/ has been replaced and expanded into several pages on subcultures
    09/Aug/99The Illusion of Choice: Free Will and Determinism
    04/Aug/99There are over 130 links on the The Bane of Monotheism: Against Single-God Religions and nearly 90 on the Satanism pages. New: Guide To Anti-Theism
    18/Jul/99I've completely redone the Website Index page as the previous one was becoming too cluttered
    13/Jul/99Two new index pages added Religion index and General Links page, most pages (especially Satanism ones) have been updated and changed over the last few weeks
    11/Jun/99A dozen pages and the older photos are moved to a new server; old site. This was the old 'level one'
    08/Jun/99The misc. pages on monotheism directory is added
    04/Jun/99The Satanism pages are added
    01/Jun/99More pages are added, more texts, mostly regarding Religion. Try God concept, The Future of Human Telepathy and Homocentricity or Anthropocentrism: Why Do Religions Think Humanity Is Central to God and Creation?
    28/May/99The Photo Collection is split in two, one half be moved to a different server with LevelOne
    25/May/99The 3 Levels are renamed and Level One is prepared to be moved to a new server
    1x/May/99Various updates, JavaScript updates
    29/Mar/99The Information and Stats pages are added
    25/Mar/99MetaTags and Titles are added on most pages. Updated many pages
    15/Mar/99Level Three is de-framed and has more pages added, including this History Page
    13/Mar/99The Vexen UK Webring pages are up
    11/Mar/99The Main Index page is updated and redone
    05/Mar/99The Religion pages are added (8 pages)
    25/Feb/99The site menus are now done in DHTML
    08/Feb/99The Programming pages are done, utilizing heavy DHTML and JavaScript (deleted on 2001 Sep 29)
    04/Feb/99All Banners are standardised, using the same JavaScript code
    01/Feb/99Many more photos added, plus some extra pages and refinements
    08/Jan/99Some pages are written completely in JavaScript, and the frames system is being reduced


    0x/Dec/98More pages added continuously
    xx/Nov/98The Photo Collections are put up
    25/Sep/98Divided all pages into three "levels"
    13/Sep/98Some more content
    01/Sep/98Frames !!! More pages !!! Better...
    27/Aug/98Two months after discovering the internet Vexen Crabtree Home Site is launched thanks to HTML 4.0 for Dummies. A page with some links to other pages on it. Hmmm