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Benefits for the UK of EU Membership

By Vexen Crabtree 2016

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1. The Benefits of Immigration (8 reasons)1

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The UK requires increased immigration in order to continue to function due to our ageing population. Our industries, welfare system, pensions and economy need more young workers imported from abroad.

And two other points:

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Restored Power in an Internationalized World (3 reasons)

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Driving, Holidaying, Living, Studying, Working and Retiring Abroad (11 reasons)

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Brits make 50 million visits to Europe every year40. 1.4 million Brits work, study or have retired abroad in the EU35,41. That's 12 times as many as go to anywhere in North America, and 5 times as many as go anywhere in the world. When abroad, Brits get free emergency healthcare via the European Health Insurance Card42,43: a scheme we use more than most as a result of our high rate of excursions, saving holidaymakers a lot of paperwork and expense compared to the costs of organize it country-by-country. As a result of the EU's bargaining power with providers, ordinary class plane flights are 40% cheaper43 in the EU and EU-wide travel assistance and compensation schemes help many35,44.

After living abroad for 5 years, Brits get free health care anywhere in the EU44. Our driving licenses are valid throughout the EU35,45, we can go work (and retire) anywhere in the EU44 (does anyone remember how awkward (and often impossible) it was to organize work Visas?), and, anywhere in the world we can use the embassies of EU states in the absence of a UK embassy44. Membership of the EU facilitates harmonised motor insurance, vehicle registrations, number plates and other aspects of travel, and in each case, this saves individual time and expense45,46. Without all of this, our nearest continent becomes somewhat more difficult to navigate safely or smoothly. The benefits that EU members get from membership is worth alot to the UK47.

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Consumer Protection and Consumer Rights (2 reasons)


The UK does not have the bargaining power to achieve this on its own and cannot extend its jurisdiction into the EU once we leave. Imagine the massive time and effort, and constant disagreements, which would result from attempting bilateral deals on a country-by-country basis to achieve the same rights.

> > See: Advantages of European Union (EU) Membership: Consumer Power.

Economic and Business Benefits (14 reasons)

These bullet points are abbreviated from The Economic Benefits to the UK of Remaining in the EU; click each one for details and references.

6. Efficiencies of Scale and Internationalism50


There are also indirect benefits that save the UK money and provide other essential benefits (only 2 are directly relevant that aren't already mentioned on this page - but the others show benefits we'd accrue if we were members of Schengen):

7. Crime and Justice

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European Union bodies such as Eurojust and Europol help us easily work with all other EU countries to combat terrorism and "to tackle international organised crime such as drug smuggling, people trafficking and money laundering"35. The EU is uniquely placed to be able to monitor terrorists' financial transactions, international fraud and the movement of criminals from country to country51. The European Arrest Warrant simplified the system for the UK to reach into Europe to prosecute criminals and sped up the process from a year to just 48 days on average35,52. Likewise as a member of the EU it is easier for other countries to extradite their criminals from the UK so they can face justice at their home countries' expense. In 2014, the UK made more requests for European Arrest Warrants than any other EU member53, and we are also the 4th largest user of Eurojust, requesting 107 cases54. A head of the UK's Association of Chief Police Officers warns that if we left the EU "criminals would see Britain as a safe haven ... as it would take longer to extradite them"55. And a former head of the Crown Prosecution Service in the UK says "we rely very heavily on the EU criminal justice measures [especially with] terrorism, people trafficking, cyber-crime, sexual exploitation, trafficking of children and paedophilia"56. The ability for EU member states to share information and co-ordinate responses in several countries at once is "vital to the UK's security"44. The more support we give the EU, the better its crime-fighting ability is, and, the more we get out of it in return, as one of the heaviest users of EU's judicial services. There are many such hidden benefits to being a member of the European Union.

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The European Court of Human Rights is Not Part of the EU57

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is not part of the EU58. Thankfully, this means that if we left the EU the mass of case law that has built up around the ECHR will still remain valid. And, therefore, despite what many believe, leaving the EU will not reverse any of the "barmy" decisions made by the ECHR. In many cases that are reported in the UK media, cases that look daft are perfectly reasonable, but the sensationalist angle taken by the media serve to distort and scapegoat the ECHR. All decisions are scrutinized carefully for their long-term effects and for the purpose of justice - but the way they are reported sometimes, you'd think decisions were made simply for the purpose of creating ludicrous surreal entertainment. Always read deeper than what is portrayed in the tabloids before coming to conclusions. This point is especially made by the requirement for me to even include this section on this page: most people are misled into thinking the ECHR is part of the EU because tabloids are lazy with their presentation of facts.