Shiver Stand
Young Adults Harbour and Use a Demon

By Vexen Crabtree 2002

Occurred: 2002 Nov 27, 6:30am

We were a bunch of rebellious kids who were just starting to mature. We had our first jobs, our first taste of adulthood. We were walking through a large factory which comprised of a series of large warehouse rooms filled with boxes and dust. Our job was simply to make sure there was nothing dangerous here.

This was one of those dreams where I was a bit more conscious than usual and as I dreamt I had a foreboding feeling of: I can tell this is a scary one!

We found a few pieces of cable that were plugged into the wall, so we unplugged them. We found some broken glass in one room. Eventually we got to the last room. There we found a red sports car, an old one. But still something we wanted in life :-). We found a garage door, and a small remote control with just one big red button on it.

We pressed it, and stole the car. I go back to speak to a girl and imagine telling her "Hey what do you do with a box with a big red button on it! Press it!". In the dream, this comment was very humorous. In retrospect, the button looked like it should summon Godzilla.

We didn't take the car far, but we returned to the warehouse. It had been abandoned because there was a... demon in it. An old demon that had caused problems for the company that used the Warehouse and caused a few deaths amongst the workers. That's what I felt but "in the dream" I didn't know that.

So we decided to stay there and do a ritual in order to make us successful. Ya.

Imagine some kind of passage of time, not sure if it's weeks or months, me and my friends are still hanging out. Every now and then we return to the Warehouse, steal the car and drive around in it and return it but we had become scared. Scared because we felt that each time we'd done it, we'd tallied up a debt of some kind. A debt that someone might have to die for.

And so someone died. It wasn't one of us, but someone close to us. I don't know who, the dream didn't specify. And we were scared but we were compelled to return to the Warehouse and that's when we knew something was wrong. We all turned up there. A few of us had started drinking.

The Warehouse was no longer fun, it was a place I felt angry and bitter. We would drink, and smash things, and sit around in small rooms feeling scared because I expected "bad events" to befall us. We had all left our families and moved to live in the Warehouse.

The more emotion we generated, the higher the price was that we had to pay. So as we got drunk, got angry... both a result of fear, it got worse. It was a decline... a spiral of personal decay. So the demon was returning again... it was in the air. The "out of dream" me knew this, but the "in dream" me didn't! I hate it when that happens.

One of our friends was sat on a filing cabinet, it was late at night. He had built a little stack of cloth and soaked it all in strong spirits. We had fire, but hadn't lit it yet. He didn't seem angry or violent, he seemed disturbed as he whimpered a bit and picked up all our bottles and glasses and smashed them as hard as he could into the corner by the filing cabinet.

Now, tensions were building, emotion was rising, a fire was about to be started in more ways than one but unfortunately none of this came to pass because my alarm clock went off and woke me up. Damnit!