City Tribe Helicopter

By Vexen Crabtree 2002

Occurred: 2002 Mar 19

A group of explorers are with me, I am in the lead. We are walking downwards through a mountain pass towards a golden and advanced city. We are relieved to reach the city, even though we are strangers and explorers who may not be welcome. There isn't a sense of urgency, it is relaxed.

Snow starts to fall down behind us, a small avalanche. We start running. It becomes more serious as the people behind me disappear under the snow. The small avalanche becomes a flood of snow, rushing through the pass. I run quickly, quite confident that I will exit the pass quickly enough. But when I do, I realize the situation is more extreme.

The entire mountain is shedding its snow over the city, the whole cliff face has turned into a waterfall of rapidly moving snow. The city is going to be buried beneath it. I realize that the city has no inhabitants, that in the wake of this disaster which they foresaw, their civilisation collapsed and they became barbarians, moving to higher plains of ground.

I survive it along with two or three other explorers, and we crawl, tired, to higher ground. We stumble across a large gathering of hundreds of people, primitive humans. They are aggressive, very strong, agile, trained. Also, they are ordered and disciplined ... out of fear. They are gathered around circular fires. Each fire is a circle, and in the centres (which are not ablaze) stand very tall ogres.

We stand and watch their large scale ritual and realize it is really quite beautiful; we know that from these beginnings their culture will advance and they will become great, again. We do not want to attract the attention of them, however, and do not interact.

There is a helicopter coming. A monk who looks like a young Buddhist with a shaven head stands near to us and says something hopeful and inspiring, and we feel friendly with him. Suddenly, my two or three friends run away. The helicopter is right behind us, it is flying very low. It is angled so that its rotor blades are forefront, acting like a massive meat slicer. I cannot see a way to escape it (should I run left or right?). It has intentionally picked me out. It will dice me.

I fall to the floor, and it advances, its rotors are very close. They start ripping into my legs, doing tremendous damage.