Slimelight, the London Alternative Night Club

By Vexen Crabtree 2001

Opening: Saturday nights. Open from 10pm until 8am (or longer)
Dance floors: Two or three
Bars: 2 or 3, serving alcohol until 3am. Coffee, tea, chocolate, water... etc, all through the night. It's cheap
Membership: I'm a member. If you're not then you need to get signed in. Stand outside the club, flutter your eyelids at someone and ask them to sign you in. Some months, the membership policy is waivered.
Dress code: You can wear anything. Be a goth, a punk, metaller, rivethead, male, female; whatever; or just come in jeans and a t-shirt (as long as you wont get self conscious of being normal)
Venue: Elektrowoerkz, which is a paintball arena during the day. Multiple seating areas, pool table
Official site:

Right Picture: Ia'Kat and Vexen (in white)
Setting off for Slimelight.

1. The Industrial Floor 2. The Dance Floor (normally the top floor)
80s/electro/goth/industrial/ebm floor. It is very foggy! Much seating area, in a very gloomy area of the club. Great sofas there, too. Techno/dark rave/industrial/noise. This floor is very loud, very heavy and very continuous. Frequently there are live bands on around 12 to 2 in the morning.
3. Basement Floor Heavy
Once or twice a month Slimelight has 3 floors. The last time I was there it played a very hardcore noise gabba kind of set. Music that is impossible to describe! Sometimes it is a traditional goth music floor. Slimelight is a heavy club. Some people just can't do it.... it's not for everyone. It is very loud, and unless you know people it can be hard to get to know people.
Write ups
These are write-ups I've done of times I've gone to Slimelight. I've been there about 70 times in total, since 1997-Autumn. I only write up some occasions.

2003 Feb 8

2002 Dec 31 (New Years)

2002 Mar 16

2001 Oct 21

2001 Oct 14

2001 Sep 08

Vexen in Slimelight
I generally go to Slimelight once or twice a month, and have done for over 3 years. I don't know many people there... but I recognize many recurring faces and know the club and its people well. I'm terrible with names.

I don't do speed, e, poppers or other drugs, but will generally drink some alcohol to start the night off. Normally alcopops. Sugar is good :-)

I will generally dance from about 1am until 8am, taking breaks and drinking water. I dance for exercise, working out, but mainly once the night gets going I like to meditate, amongst all the noise and fog, in dance. I can get very energetic on the dance floor!

Once I'm dancing, I'm antisocial. I'm likely just to continue dancing. Unless a nice girl kisses me :-) If I'm the one who signed you in, or "brought" you, then you can't count on me to be sociable or to look after you. If you hang around until I leave, I will most likely go to Camden Town to buy breakfast/coffee in a cafe near the locks.