Yellow Sickness Zombies in School

By Vexen Crabtree 2003

Occurred: 2003 Dec 29

There is a large complex of swimming baths, changing rooms, etc, attached to a high school building that has lots of corridors and people milling around carrying books and things. I'm wandering around, getting changed. I actually go into some old, dirty changing room that has peeling paint, is a bit echoey and scary, and has no other people in it! It's run down. I leave and go wander around, just wondering if I'll bump into anyone I know.

Some ill-looking guy with a yellow stain on his face is acting drunkenly. He vomits everywhere and people get disgusted and angry. I go away. Later, I see more people with this spreading yellow strain. I start avoiding these people. They seem like they're in a daze and they look ill.

I realized that I'm almost definitely having a zombie dream. Again. As if the movie industry doesn't make enough zombie films! The yellow sickness causes the zombies to vomit only every now and then, and the vomit spreads the sickness. They wonder around as if drunk, waiting to vomit, then try to vomit on as many people as possible. So they wonder into the most crowded areas, ill, swaying, with their "minds on their stomachs" like some of the evil pagans from what the Christians call the "Old" Testament!

But although slow-spreading and less violent, the school complex is getting pretty aggressive, unhealthy and dangerous as the numbers of these dim-witted, disgustingly diseased students increase. A number of these monstrosities stumble into the main swimming baths. The result is when the nightmare really begins... out of the swimming baths come a hundred bedraggled, semi-conscious zombies, spreading as a wave across the school. The living now understand what's going on, and a panic and a fight ensues. Zombies dreams and films are always the same... it becomes several pockets of desperate but resourceful people trying to isolate themselves from the rest of the dangerously-unthinking population.

But there's no protection from stupidity, and eventually it spreads to everyone. Although in this dream, the metaphor doesn't extend to having it spread by mass-media, but by the medium of liquid vomit and violence... two of the worst aspects of plagued times!

I climb up on to the roof of the building by some large, warm pipes. Once there I am being very very quiet, not stepping near the edge so that any zombies on the ground can see me and not stepping over skylights. I start barricading the roof, removing (unplugging!) the pipes that people could use to climb around, and building up a central part of the roof where no-one else can get up to.

And on that note... victorious, but, through being intelligent being isolated from the rest of the world with no hope of rescue, is where the dream ends! If only commercialist real life wasn't quite so easy a metaphor to make for zombie dreams :-(

In comparison to my actually-scary dreams, this one didn't involve any difficult amounts of exertion, didn't involve any actual direct fighting or knives, had no tramps in it, didn't have any loved ones being tortured and didn't involve any fearsomely indestructible demons from hell... but you know, it made up for it by being a zombie dream. Yay, zombies.

See: "Zombies!!! The Biology and Philosophy of the Living Dead!" by Vexen Crabtree (2006)