A Cult of Pregnant Women Near Kings Cross, London


By Vexen Crabtree 2003

Occurred: 2003 Jan 04

Was on a train going into London and coming in from the North side, to Kings Cross. Looking out of the window as the mixture of trees and buildings went past, I occasionally thought there was a person standing by the track, but it always turned out to be something else. The train turned and went under a tunnel. The journey was more dramatic in my dream than the real thing.

As we approached Kings Cross there was one more turning, and one more bridge. However in the approach to this the train struck something. There were a series of big heavy wooden sleepers next to the track that the train had hit. It pushed them along and derailed. The train moved up the embankment and was going to hit the bridge. I shouted "No!", but the train slowly ground to a halt before hitting the concrete. Everyone filed out of the train.

So, I wondered under the bridge and found something I had been looking for, in the dream, for years. It was the tunnel to an (literally) underground group of people who were very interesting for me. I entered. There was a disused metal cave, with large pipes... it kind of looked like the top of a high rise building, only the metal constructs and vents appeared on all six walls, not just on the floor.

Anyway, there were two musicians there. One with a very expensive, powerful electric guitar, which seemed to be wired into the walls themselves. The whole cave resonated and shook every time he struck his powerful minor chords. Which he did every minute or so, setting a very moody atmosphere indeed. The other guitarist gave me his broken guitar. It was plugged into a smaller amp and subwoofer. Four of its strings were broken, and only remained. I couldn't play the guitar, but from experience of other things I managed to recall and play some music I've recently got done, which sounds like a foreboding funeral piece.

People were filing into the room. A pregnant woman was the centre piece of their attention. She walked to an altar... a plain concrete slab, with alcoves around for candles. No candles were there. The other acolytes set up computers. More and more people filed in. I played, and I fit in... they knew I was a newcomer, but apparently I was now part of them.

A few scientists were milling around the pregnant woman. She was really huge! Both in size, in build... large boned, and huge with her baby. People sat down at a hundred or so desks and chairs that I hadn't noticed before. Nearly all of them were pregnant women, and occasionally, one by one, they were going into labour. The main woman, by the altar, had apparently been in labour for some time.

However when one of the seated women went into labour, the scientists appeared and urged them to keep typing on their computer. I looked. They were taking a kind of exam... and entering obscure and occult symbols as answers to questions that were a mixture of diagrams, strange text and symbols. The scientists urged them to carry on taking the text. Some of the women kept screaming, some screamed and typed, and some gave up and gave birth.