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The Benefits of EU Membership to UK Travellers

By Vexen Crabtree 2017

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Brits make 50 million visits to Europe every year1. 1.4 million Brits work, study or have retired abroad in the EU2,3. That's 12 times as many as go to anywhere in North America, and 5 times as many as go anywhere in the world. When abroad, Brits get free emergency healthcare via the European Health Insurance Card4,5: a scheme we use more than most as a result of our high rate of excursions, saving holidaymakers a lot of paperwork and expense compared to the costs of organize it country-by-country. As a result of the EU's bargaining power with providers, ordinary class plane flights are 40% cheaper5 in the EU and EU-wide travel assistance and compensation schemes help many2,6.

After living abroad for 5 years, Brits get free health care anywhere in the EU6. Our driving licenses are valid throughout the EU2,7, we can go work (and retire) anywhere in the EU6 (does anyone remember how awkward (and often impossible) it was to organize work Visas?), and, anywhere in the world we can use the embassies of EU states in the absence of a UK embassy6. Membership of the EU facilitates harmonised motor insurance, vehicle registrations, number plates and other aspects of travel, and in each case, this saves individual time and expense7,8. Without all of this, our nearest continent becomes somewhat more difficult to navigate safely or smoothly. The benefits that EU members get from membership is worth alot to the UK9.

1. Health Insurance

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2. Freedom to Travel, Work, Study and Retire (With Benefits)

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3. Consumer Protection and Consumer Rights When Shopping in the EU

4. Other Benefits