Blade 3

By Vexen Crabtree 2003

Occurred: 2003 Feb 17 (Mon morning)
(I'm fairly sure Blade 2 has came out, so I'm calling this Blade 3)

I wasn't in this dream, I was an absent observer, just seeing things, it was like watching a film. No emotions, no urgency or fear. Just vague interest. Likewise, it was non-lucid, and I had no control over which direction the dream was going but I did occasionally have thoughts during it.

Presently, Blade (the character from the film, yes) is putting on his black padded outfit to go on a mission. He walks off, on the way he nearly bumps into a semi drunk tramp, but moves out the way at the last moment. After he disappears, spookily, another Blade returns in a car and gets out. This one is... a fake Blade. In the dream I thought "oh dear, what a cheesy plotline this is". He returns to the base, the tramp sees him walk past again and gets confused.

OK. Blade isn't in the rest of the dream, but the 'base' is. I see that someone has turned into a zombie, and they're holding a pick, or some weapon. I am seeing it mostly from the zombies' point of view. But then someone shoots them.

Then, I see that there are multiple zombies. Many of the populace of the base have been poisoned over time, and today they've all turned into evil zombies who are trying to kill everyone else. Two gunmen are fighting them and shooting them. But, then a different gunman is on the zombies' side. He is ducking behind a desk and shooting at them. One of the good guys jumps on to the desk and fires at the guy at point blank range.

Then, I see (from the point of view of one of the zombies) half a dozen zombies holding knives, walking towards a scared pair of scientists who are clinging on to each other. They can't escape.

Then I see a good scientist trying to figure out what is happening. He concludes that the zombie scientists had all been putting on weight recently, as a result of poisoned blood. This means that even before turning into zombies, these scientists had secretly been drinking blood from the blood stores.

OK, that's it.

Well actually it's not. The next part of the dream did have me in it. I was looking over some huge London Underground map, trying to plan which route we should take to escape. I did this for quite some time and is too boring to write about.

See: "Zombies!!! The Biology and Philosophy of the Living Dead!" by Vexen Crabtree (2006)