Two Rooms With Monsters

By Vexen Crabtree 2002

Occurred: 2002 Mar and 2002 Apr 04 (Thurs morning)

First Occurrence of the "Two rooms dream"
I dreamt that myself and a group of friends were in a large square room. It was a combat arena where we were to face challenges. There was a big double door, open (and not closable) that led into another similar sized room.

There were an assortment of monsters, large cats such as tigers and pumas in the room and they started to chase and tear my friends to pieces. By running you could live longer, but we were unarmed and there was no way to fight them, and no-where to run to.

Despite that, somehow we kept killing the monsters and then they'd disappear. If we ran away hard enough, they started to disappear. But... more monsters came through the door from the other room.

Confused, we were all looking after ourselves and I lost track of everything. Some monsters were small nasty things like big hedgehogs. Many were bears and large cats with big teeth and claws.

Through the door, now, came a long stream of small red spherical creatures with 4 tiny feet. They were mines. If anything touched them, they would blow up. They started streaming in, and I thought of a plan to keep running around so the monsters would touch the mines. But... we were all disorganized and there was no way to organize the plan.

Second occurrence
The dream was similar, initially. Me and a group of friends were in a large room, and the monsters and big cats and big animals were eating us. This time round, however, I realized that Empiress was with me.

We decided to go through the doors into the other room. I didn't feel bad deserting my friends because I knew none of us could survive anyway. I got the impression body parts and blood was on the floor. I turned round, and realized that already there was barely any people left except Empiress and I.

In the 2nd room, there were presently no creatures and no people, it was safe. There was another door, but it was only 1 way, leading into the room. We realized that this door feeds the creatures into this room before they go into the first room.

The series of small red plastic mean looking mines with little black feet started appearing through the entrance and headed in single file towards the other room where the monsters and my friends were. I was too scared to touch the mines, but Empiress wasn't. She talked to them and soothed them!

She sat near the double door soothing the mines as they bobbled past, giving them affection and sometimes picking them up. She would then pat them on as they went into the second room. I realized she was directing them so that they would blow up the monsters.

I feel awe and admiration that she was able to give love and affection to creatures that I didn't think deserved it, and that I didn't think were capable of feeling emotions. I looked at the mines... they seemed plastic and inanimate as they walked past.

The dream became peaceful as I realized that the mines had killed all the monsters. Eventually, the stream of mines stopped, and Empiress gave love to each last one as the final ones marched past. I was impressed and felt gratitude towards Empiress.

The next thing to come through the door was food. We were being rewarded for surviving. The food was a series of very expensive cakes. As they appeared, Empiress laid them all out on a very big wooden table as if we were going to have a feast with lots of people. The food and cakes kept coming through the door, and Empiress kept arranging them.

I let her continue. I felt sad because there was so much food, but only her and I had survived. I also kept watch because I felt that at any moment our reward would be over and monsters would start coming through the entrance again.

There was music playing in the other room. A new track came on. A specific track by Electric Hellfire Club called Kiss The Goat. The track consists of layers of synthesizers/drums/electronic rock and a voice saying clearly and loudly "Pray to Satan", the lyrics later state that Satan is equivalent to the true, bold self.

It went:
"Pray to Satan.
Pray to Satan.
Pray to Satan pray to Satan pray to Satan."

This bit repeats for two minutes in between verses accompanied by quiet and soothing synth work. Empiress walked quickly into the other room with the intention of turning the tape deck off or putting it onto the next track. She did one or the other, but on the way back something happened, and she laid in the middle of the room on her back, her knees bent.

It felt like something was in the room. The room was darker than it used to be. I walked to Empiress to pick her up and carry her back into the 2nd room, which was now the feast room. As I picked her up I saw that a very big black cat was in the room. It was motionless and looking at me with intense eyes.

Although it looked calm, I knew that it was another monster. I carried Empiress to safety.

End of dream.

This dream is unique because I think this is the first dream of mine to contain the idea of music. The track played in my head all day at work. It's one of my weirdest dreams in that it contains generic "monsters", whereas most my dreams contain utterly terrifying things, aliens or demonic beings which are quite specific with their imagery.

It was also strange for me because the rooms, although big, were not of the same scale as most the rooms in my dreams. Mostly I dream of rooms so big you can barely see the ceiling or walls.