Nine Months from March

By Vexen Crabtree 2002

There is no life in Winter this year.
There is no birth at Christmas time.
To break the future that was held dear,
To break more than can be said in rhyme,
or words.

Love is a lifeline.
Calm down my heart.
Third moon and nine,
Everything fell apart.

Precious life with no name,
Precious life with hope anew.
The light in March never became,
The light in March never knew:
or could.

Life is a search for love,
Calm down my heart.
Love is a search for life.
Everything fell apart.

When things fall apart we bounce back in time,
When things fall apart everything is hollow pain.
Time heals slowly and we know it turns out fine.
Time heals slowly and we know we'll love again:
but differently.

Fallen apart over time,
Calm down my heart.
I am willing to try but
Everything fell apart.

After the first time 'forever' is more hollow.
After the first time love is easier to see through.
That we plan for forever is hard to swallow,
That we plan for forever doesn't ring true.
No meaning.

Time will heal and
Calm down my heart.
Despite that once when
Everything fell apart.

Because the child of March wasn't born in December,
And it is something I will always remember,
That everything fell apart.

"Calm down my heart" inspired by "Once in a lifetime" by Wolfshiem. "Calm down my heart, don't beat so fast, don't be afraid, just once in a lifetime"