Vexen Crabtree's Dream Diary (2000-2003)

By Vexen Crabtree 2014

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1. Red Dreams (Facing Danger Alone)

  1. Texture Dream (2000): Scary thin tall cats, huge depths, curtains that could cover an aircraft hangar and dark, evil shadows in the water

  2. Dreaming of Ants (2001): I dreamt, as a kid, that the Earth crumbled beneath my feet and I fell into a large black ants nest

  3. Demon Neighbour (2001): A demonic neighbour transports my house to a different dimension

  4. Take Out The Eyes Of The One Summoned By Crows (2002)

  5. Fundamentalist Christian and Hellraiser (2003)

  6. Childish Recurring Dream About a Scary Tramp (2001)

  7. Red Scratches: We Face An Evil Force (2002): I'm locked inside a room and can't get out. Red scratches appear on the floor, coming from under the locked doorway; moving across the room whenever I'm not looking

Dreams. - On the rare occasions when our dreams succeed and achieve perfection - most dreams are bungled - they are symbolic chains of scenes and images in place of a narrative poetic language; they circumscribe our experiences or expectations or situations with such poetic boldness and decisiveness that in the morning we are always amazed at ourselves when we remember our dreams.

"On the Genealogy of Morals and Ecce Homo" by Friedrich Nietzsche (1880)1

'We have no dreams at all or interesting ones. We should learn to be awake the same way - not at all or in an interesting manner.' quote from Friedrich Nietzsche (1887) on

We have no dreams at all or interesting ones. We should learn to be awake the same way - not at all or in an interesting manner.

"On the Genealogy of Morals and Ecce Homo"
Friedrich Nietzsche (1887)2

2. Zombie Dreams

  1. Blade 3 (2003): A duplicate evil Blade turns lots of scientists into zombies by corrupting their blood

  2. Arctic Zombies and a Postcard Written to God & Hellraiser (2003): My dying act is to write "We hate you" on a postcard to God

  3. Yellow Sickness Zombies in School (2003): Disgusting humans start vomiting on people

  4. Delusional Fear (of Zombies!): Everyone is Trying to Eat Me! (2001): My girlfriend tells me they're aspects of a delusion and a court of law tries me for insanity

3. Blue Dreams (Not Scary)

  1. Tank City Criminal (2000): I stole a tank in a busy city centre, tried to run over a policeman, and got caught at an airport for speaking too intelligently

  2. Navigating Platforms in a Flaming Room (2000)

  3. A Cult of Pregnant Women Near Kings Cross, London (2003): Scientists and pregnant cultists hide underground

  4. Recurring Dream of a Dog Leading Me Through Fog (2001)

  5. Friendly Aliens visit a shoe shop in a small city (2003)

  6. Supermarket Army (2003)

  7. CGI Dinosaurs (2003)

Keeping a dream diary [will] help you remember your dreams. As you record more dreams, you should start remembering more dreams. As you remember more you will probably find your recollections become gradually clearer and more detailed.

"Teach Yourself Dream Interpretation" by Leila Bright (1999)3

4. White Dreams

  1. Academy Rebellion (2000): My rebellion is nearly defeated by the roots of a Christian tree which prevented me from reaching the third floor on a building

  2. Goth Alien City (2000): Eight foot tall gothic aliens wearing all black, in cloaks and New Rock boots, have Human punks as slaves. Let's start a riot!

  3. Doomed to Hell After Encountering Underground Tramps (2002): An innocent girl and myself do not get out in time to save ourselves

  4. Two Rooms With Monsters (2002): They try to eat me and my friends

  5. Red Ghost Feeds on Fear (2002)

  6. Shiver Stand: Young Adults Harbour and Use a Demon (2002)

  7. Nelson Mandela and His Tank Try to Kill Me (2003): He's armed to the teeth!

  8. Aliens and Dreadnoughts (2001): A melancholic last stand, large Dreadnoughts protect us and fight with hordes of powerful aliens as we try to hide in a skyscraper sized tree

  9. Doomed to Hell After Encountering Underground Tramps: The primitive survivors of a once great city are discovered. But a helicopter hunts me and kills me with its blades