Tank City Criminal


By Vexen Crabtree 2000

Feeling of being let down as I realize the group of friends I was with had wandered off and I'd got left behind. I am in a busy city centre. There are many business people. There are vague science fiction tones to the city - i.e., the paths are a clean shade of light grey, the buildings are tall & perfectly white and all the people look like they're from a magazine selling expensive suits.

There is one interesting object nearby. A tank. An old-style tank, temporarily left unattended by a uniformed person who has popped into a clothes shop. I steal the tank and drive around, threatening to run people over. They scatter, in the dream there's no feeling that I am going to hit any of them. Until, that is, I realize I am stuck. I need to cross a motorway, and the route I normally take is over a footbridge which I cannot take whilst in a tank.

A policeman is nearby and I try to run him over. I realize I need to dump the tank so I can continue parts of the journey through the other half of the town centre on foot. I realize I am in quite serious trouble, so naturally I decide to go to the airport with the intention of leaving the country.

Presently I am inside the airport, nervous, sweating a little, making my way between two sets of barriers. Someone approaches me, he looks like airport police, and I speak quickly: Vaguely I convey this rather untrue concept in words: "You approached me for no good reason and legally you have to now tell me something specific or go away".

This being a dream, I didn't actually say any words, I did have an impression that what I said was dead clever, a killer argument, and legally sound. He replied in concepts: "You are showing an increased awareness of legal tricks, therefore you have been up to something." At which point I found myself letting him handcuff me. End of dream.

A slightly odd dream in that it contained the concept of talking to someone. Not a satisfying dream, it was too short, and there was no emotional content to it other than "d'oh, caught out".