Navigating Platforms in a Flaming Room

By Vexen Crabtree 2000

Occurred: morning of 2000 Aug 28

The room has dirty grey, uneven walls and is square, and the size of a town hall.

There is a time limit, and the four of us must do something quickly. We must walk along the walkway that goes around the room. The floor of the room is two metres lower than the walkway, and around its outskirts the floor is on fire.

I realize that the others are too pathetic to do anything, so I run through the course. A gap needs to be jumped. No problem; I am on the centre platform. It begins to rise up higher, threatening to squash me against the roof, so I drop off onto the floor. The centre area of the floor is wet, unlike the outskirts that are on fire.

All the platforms in the room are rising. Their sides are uneven and rocky, but all the cracks in their sides are red-hot. I have to climb one of them, inserting my fingers into the red hot cracks briefly. Otherwise all the platforms would rise until they hit the roof, and the floor was getting hotter, evaporating the water that was present where there were no flames.

I am exhausted, but whatever needed doing has been done. An entire wall of the room opens, splitting laterally like a science fiction space station.

There is a large room beyond with about twenty people in it, all of them are sat down relaxing, talking to each other, although I cannot hear them.

A Chinese girl, similar to one I saw at the Slimelight night club in London (medium height, hair dyed brown, tight cheek bones, pastel coloured blush), is walking around, and he talks to her in Cantonese. I am familiar enough with Cantonese to verify that the actual syllables he speaks means something light, social, mundane, but I don't understand exactly what.