Goth Alien City

By Vexen Crabtree 2000

The dream starts with the feeling I have suddenly fallen into my present location. I am in a fairly big gleaming white multi floor indoor shopping centre. There are many people, most of them are eight or nine foot tall.

I leave the shopping mall and enter the street outside. The atmosphere is like a street in London, UK. A little crowded, a little dirty, everyone is busy going somewhere. Most of the walking people are still eight foot tall.

The street is strange, all the buildings are mini fortresses, terraced, with slits for windows and diagonal walls, leaning away from the street.

I walk down the dirty street, in my trainers, t-shirt and jeans. All of the tall people are wearing all-black clothes. They're boots are very large, tall, complex, tough and unique. The buckles on the boots are discrete and black, not metal coloured, and the souls of the boots are much thicker than necessary.

Most of them are wearing plain thin cloaks, unbuttoned, none of which flap as they walk. They all have strange shaped heads, most are wearing a kind of Jewish cap, black in colour. It becomes known to me that all the tall people are aliens that have taken over the Earth.

I notice also in the street are many normal people - like free roaming slaves. Now get this - all the Humans are punks. That is, they are wearing punk clothes, buttons, pins and hair styles. And that doesn't mean (for those of you who don't know as many punks that I do) that they have Mohicans. Any punk I walk past acknowledges me, and I realize there is an air of slave rebellion. I also realize that half the Humans are armed with, erm, spray cans and knives.

I am reaching the end of the first part of the street. The second half has no houses on either side of the road, instead there are a long row of cannons. The cannons are [silently] periodically firing square blocks across the street, and there are many cannons, making further passage down the street impossible.

I try nonetheless to continue, but immediately set off alarms. As some of the tall goth aliens come to get me some of the punks decide to rebel. As I move down the street violence erupts everywhere, with the punks pushing away and knocking the tall goths over. There are burning cars and broken shop windows.

I see clearly a person laying in the gutter with blood on their head. Things become a little unclear, and it seems there is gas everywhere. Gas is being fired into the streets from pipes that emerge from each house. Previously I thought they were for sewerage.

Despite not wanting to in the dream, the gas causes me to lose balance. End of dream.