Unforgiving Circumstances: Poetry and Artwork

By Vexen Crabtree 2003



Amateur poetry is to be feared. Melodramatic, unoriginal and stereotyped. At least they're short - unlike the two short stories that are included below. Exercises in emotion and drama, based on daydreams and peaceful malaise. And some dodgy artwork.

  1. Unforgiving Circumstances Art Gallery (2011)

  2. Where is Charlotte? (2003)

  3. A Holey Man (2002)

  4. Nine Months from March (2002)

  5. The Empire Girl (2002)

  6. Oh My Love Please God No (2002)

  7. No Vexen Zibe (2000)

  8. A Good Head (1999)

  9. But It Is a Dream! (1999)

  10. Eyes to the Soul (1998)

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Current edition: 1998-2003
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