Unforgiving Circumstances: Poetry and Artwork

By Vexen Crabtree 2003


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Amateur poetry is to be feared. Melodramatic, unoriginal and stereotyped. At least they're short - unlike the two short stories that are included below. Exercises in emotion and drama, based on daydreams and peaceful malaise.

  1. Where is Charlotte? (2003)

  2. A Holey Man (2002)

  3. Nine Months from March (2002)

  4. The Empire Girl (2002)

  5. Oh My Love Please God No (2002)

  6. No Vexen Zibe (2000)

  7. A Good Head (1999)

  8. But It Is a Dream! (1999)

  9. Eyes to the Soul (1998)

  10. Ronald York (1990)

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