Red Ghost Feeds on Fear

By Vexen Crabtree 2002

Occurred: 2002 Nov 27, 5am

I moved in to my lover's house. In this dream there wasn't any real relationship and I never interacted with my "lover", but it was my lovers house nonetheless that I moved in to. A medium large house with three floors and an attic. Now for some reason me and my friend were represented in some abstract way by green light. So, simultaneous to the normal sense of the world was the sense that both of us were green light.

This sets the scene for the red light person. This was a person that only appeared as a red light but had no physical body, we couldn't see it, we never talked to it and started off not being sure if it was real.

But real it was, and it would continuously watch and follow me. The rest of the dream takes place in the house when I was on my own and my lover was not back yet, from work or wherever. When I was on my own I was more scared and more emotional towards our ghost!

So I was in the bathroom and I realized it was there. That it made me jump also made me angry and I ran away. Running away works. Temporarily. It would shortly re-appear and make me frustrated and, increasingly, scared. The more emotion I fed it, I felt, the more likely it was to do something.

One day it was dark, night time, and I was in the bathroom and suddenly it was there and I was scared for my physical safety. On the toilet seat was a sleeping bag, packed up, so I decided to attack the sleeping bag. It was like a punch bag. I thrashed out and punched on it but after a while the presence of the ghost had become so strong and dominant that I instinctively dropped what I was doing and ran away. It wasn't even a choice... it was instinct: My body feared for itself and ran away, whether my mind wanted it to or not.

My mind wanted to show the ghost! By beating up the sleeping bag in the same room as it! Rar! Dream logic. I ran up the stairs on all fours but this time the red-light was following me and it seemed like a pair of eyes or a Human hand was making its way up the stairs behind me! Erm... yikes it was scary.

I'd never thought of the ghost as anything but a red light... but now it had become either a pair of eyes or a hand. It's the surreal and unfathomable monsters that are the most fearsome. There is nothing scary about a Dr Who monster because it reveals itself completely: It looks like a man in a suit. But a monster that has merely embodied itself as a pair of eyes embodies fear itself!!!

OK. So this dream actually ends here because I woke up. I didn't wake up in fear, just one of those middle-of-the-night wake ups. I didn't feel scared after I awoke but I was a bit disappointed that my dream went unfinished! I fell to sleep and had another dream though!


The eyes and the lights. In the dream I knew that we were green lights because we were "safe" and the ghost was red because it was dangerous. But, with no real body it wasn't real. However, even when danger is perceived and not real it has a real affect on us and on our bodies (adrenaline, hormones, emotions). Eventually, even a mere perceived evil can begin to become real evil because of our fears: Our fears cause us to behave more dangerously.

The eyes... because we were once jungle animals, eyes and the fear of being watched and hunted are part of our psyche. Above all else we fear being watched by something we can't see. So our brains are hyper-fired to make us think we're being watched. This is the basis of all good horror! Not the made-up monster that looks like it would fall to pieces if you hit it, but the unseen monster that you can't fight, see or stop.

Slight sounds and movements are instinctively felt to be important, significant, and need investigation... especially in our own homes. And this is how it is in nature. Fear of spiders and snakes come from the same source: A heightened alertness to potential danger. Even when what we think we saw wasn't actually what we thought it was we are unnerved and excited. Above all we recognize: Being hunted, being watched.

"The False and Conflicting Experiences of Mankind: How Other Peoples' Experience Contradict Our Own Beliefs" by Vexen Crabtree (2008)