Supermarket Army

By Vexen Crabtree 2003

Occurred: 2003 Jan 30

An intelligent, elite friend and myself were shopping in an ultra-modern cyber shopping mall. It had military security guards around, with ultramodern super weaponry (it is typical Vexen male mindset to dream of such things...), and everything was shiny and with bright ambient lighting.

My friend and I were elite soldiers of some kind. We were simply having a peaceful day out together, shopping. The dream had no underlying terror or demons, I knew it wasn't going to turn into some Anime battle between us and supermarket monsters. This is a real shame... I haven't had a decent power nightmare for months!

But, however, something did happen. We bought some alcohol at a shop on the top floor along with pointless other items. But, something happened and I walked out the shop without paying. The door alarm went off. They thought I'd stolen the alcohol (and me telling them I don't drink was hardly convincing given that I'd just walked out with bottles of alcohol!), so captured us. They put us downstairs in a corridor that had guard patrolling up and down.

Me and my friend made a break for it, and escaped the guards. We held our breath and that (somehow) meant the complexes security system lost track of us. We accidentally backed ourselves into a dead-end corridor. One side of the corridor was Perspex, so we could see a concrete field outside, and a tall barbed wire fence circling the complex.

I used a laser and cut the outside wall. I escaped, my friend stayed behind. I cut through the fence and ran into some trees. Inside the trees was a field, and there was a secret battalion of ground forces for whom I worked. We were all hiding in the trees, and we dug little holes in the bases of the trees and hid in them, and covered ourselves in bushes.

The supermarket had an army, and this army then set up their forces in the field, building fences, organizing army lorry people carriers, APCs and tanks in the field. It was our job to just watch them. But I decided our spot under the tree wasn't very good. Hiding with me was a strong, attractive and self-sufficient woman, who I'd been seeing. We left the tree hiding spot and stole away into a van, and we hid in the front part of it, observing the supermarket army do things. We looked at their clipboards. Then we kissed and made out in the van :-)

Then the dream ended.