Childish Recurring Dream About a Scary Tramp

By Vexen Crabtree 2001

Occurred: 2001- Spring (multiple dreams)


In this dream, I entered an underground public toilet, a large and clean one, but a bit old and rusty. I entered because I knew that the well-built tramp who was following me would not enter. [Dream logic].

I felt I was looking at myself in the mirror, although the visuals were presenting a view of someone standing alone, at night time, in some public toilets looking in a mirror.

I didn't want to leave via the entrance where the tramp was, so I found a fire exit. I knew it led to a dark field, where I could walk to my house. Somehow, [my real life friend] arrived. I wanted to explain to him about the tramp. He moved to open the fire exit and before we knew it we were at my house.

We had just moved in together, and there was very little furniture. It was an open plan apartment on the ground floor.

Wandering around, I opened a curtain upon hearing a noise, and jumped myself awake. I had seen the tramp, his torso was torn and bloody, and he was crawling his way through the shattered and sharp broken window. Upon opening the window I saw him, and he tripled his momentum, scaring me awake.

Second and Third

There a few more instances of the tramp, in various dreams and locations, in similar types of dreams. Once or twice he appeared but I was used to him, so he didn't scare me, and then I'd just continue dreaming something else.


The latest one was a bit different. The tramp was around somewhere. I was in a small room, which was quite long, like a corridor. There was a door at the far end, which I had come through.

I sat on the floor with my back against the wall, on the opposite side of the room to the door which down the corridor-room by a dozen meters. I realized the entire left hand wall was made of tall sliding doors, most of which were ajar, behind the doors were racks of tall coats hanging from a clothes rail.

I was fixated on the doors, because I expected the tramp to come through one of them and then I'd wake up. There was no-where else to take the dream. And the more I fixated on the doors the more I realized that something like a finger was stroking the back of my neck.

I tried to will myself to scream... something which I never do, and was only partially successful, making a kind of whimpering sound, then I progressed to be completely awake.