Friendly Aliens visit a shoe shop in a small city

By Vexen Crabtree 2003

Occurred: 2003 Jan 27 04:50am

This dream involved no guns, war, chasing, combat, violence or fear! In it, I am a normal person who works in a small city in a shoe/trainer shop. (In American 'trainers' are called 'sneakers').

Anyway, one night I am wandering around dark places in the city, in a park, and I stumble across an alien spaceship with its door open. There are three aliens, one of them is outside. It's like a grey, only as large as a human, as well built, and it has nice straight chinese-looking silky black hair.

They are leaving. But before they leave I give them a science fiction book that I was holding. The author of the book was Clive Barker. The alien tells me he will read it. His 'boss' is in the ship waiting for the alien. However he and I keep talking and he keeps nearly leaving, then thinking of something else to say. I've told him that I don't read science fiction, and that the book is my brothers' but that they can keep it. I tell him:

"This book will tell you about how we view [I pause and decide not to use the word 'aliens'] people from other planets, like what we think they're like and what our expectations are".

Eventually they leave. The next day I am at work at normal. The world knows about these aliens, they are well known, and one of them visits the shop I'm working in. Actually, one alien is visiting the town centre of most cities in the area at midday today. This alien strikes up a friendly conversation with a female work colleague. Oh, I remember that the alien before had made a comment about Human Beings' and shoes. He had said that we were a species that cared lots about shoes, and that we had millions of them!

Presently, my work colleague is fascinated by the alien that has visited our shoe shop. The alien is wearing clothes and looks relatively human. Except it has gorgeous, flowing, cascading grey dreadlocks. My work colleague asks to buy some hair extensions from the alien. Apparently the aliens and us Humans trade. She goes away to get money, but on the way she passes her boss. She happily tells her boss that she's buying hair.

There is some sense of irony here because the aliens from last night criticized us all for being overly concerned with shoes and trainer fashion and labels. Now, it seems, the aliens' also have their own excesses, and trade in hair extensions. But that was only a side thought.

What happened next is that the manager of the shop didn't like the idea of aliens. She grabbed a loudhailer and came over to where myself and the alien were sitting. She stood on a nearby pool table (our shop had a pool table in it. It seemed to make sense at the time!) and looked at the alien and shouted abuse through the loudhailer. She called for everyone in the shop to come over, and everyone did.

Something that is completely unrelated occurred in the dream. Our shoe shop not only had a pool table, but gambling tables. In particular, there was a roulette. A big fat businessman was playing it, but he used the chance presented by the distraction of our xenophobic boss to try and cheat. He was spotted by a bouncer (this shoe shop got more eclectic at every moment!) and told to stop.

Our xenophobic boss continued, so the alien left. I felt bad, and hated Human beings for being like that.

That evening, myself and a manager of a different shop had agreed to go with the aliens. The alien who visited every city, it was well known, was also there to facilitate the volunteering of Human Beings who wished to go away with the aliens to talk with them for science. The person who is also going, my friend, looks like someone from Men In Black.

We are unloading all of our items, metallic objects, into a pile on the floor. He is shaking his jacket upside down and money is coming out of every pocket. For some reason he and I get around to talking about OMD music albums. He mentions that he was bought a compilation (in the dream it had a name, but I've forgotten it, it had 'Electric' in the title). I told him he didn't need to MP3 the album because I already had all the tracks on MP3, because I owned all the OMD albums that tracks had been taken from for the album.

The End

OK, on that random note the dream ended! I thought it deserved writing up because it *didn't* contain violence, death, terror, weapons, etc, and was therefore quite a unique Vexen dream! Oh, my other dreams I don't put up are the sex ones, but that's because sometimes it involves people I know in real life and it wouldn't be fair! And they're not interesting enough (not even for voyeurs!) to be worth putting online if I change peoples' names. Oh, actually the recent Pregnant Cult dream was also "peaceful", but it was still strange and occult enough not to qualify as "normal" though.