Recurring Dream of a Dog Leading Me Through Fog

By Vexen Crabtree 2001

Occurred: before 1990 (recurring)

I was in the town where my parents lived, they lived together (which, in real life, they didn't). All the buildings were different, it wasn't the run down urban terraced houses. All the buildings were tall, stoic, wooden.

I didn't know my way around, and in the dreams I knew that (for some reason) all the buildings and streets had been redesigned. Also, my parents had moved house whilst I was at school that day. The directions they gave me were for the town before it had been rearranged.

In short, I was wandering around lost. There was quite thick fog everywhere. A dog appeared: it wasn't my parents' Alsatian (that they had whilst together). It was a messy stray, but it represented the Alsatian. It appeared and disappeared, but had in the process given a clue in which direction I should walk.

It did this a few times, then stopped, and basically I was at the edge of the (surprisingly small) town. Beyond, into the fog, I could sense a river, a moat around the town, and there was a bridge going over it, a simple footpath bridge.

It was obvious that the dog was the other side of the bridge, and wandering further away, but I always knew the dream was going to end without me ever crossing the bridge.

My analysis. I was looking for release, the fog and other mechanisms of my environment was making everything hard. The dog was just my instincts, but I wasn't able to leave childhood/the town, and go into the unknown. I had this recurring dream in my preteens.