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The False and Conflicting Experiences of Mankind: How Other Peoples' Experience Contradict Our Own Beliefs, in the following sections:

Experiences of God are Illusions, Derived from Malfunctioning Psychological Processes, in the following sections:

What Causes Religion and Superstitions?, in the following sections:

God and Goodness: Can a Perfectly Good God Exist? Is God Love?, in the following sections:

The Crucifixion Facade, in the following sections:

Is the Christian God Evil? Evidence from Scripture and Nature, in the following sections:

God Never Needs to Test Us, in the following sections:

God Does Not Need Prayer, Prophets, Souls, Evangelists Nor Religion, in the following sections:

Theological Problems with Heaven, Paradise and Nirvana, in the following sections:

Time to Move On: Religion Has Cost Too Much, in the following sections:

God's Methods of Communication: Universal Truth Versus Hebrew and Arabic, in the following sections:

Is God All-Powerful? Can God or Anything Truly Be Omnipotent?, in the following sections:

Hallucinations, Sensory Deprivation and Fasting: The Physiological Causes of Religious and Mystical Experiences, in the following sections:

The Assumptions about God and Creation, of Both Theists and Atheists, in the following sections:

God is Logically Impossible: The Argument for Atheism from Incoherence, in the following sections:

Pascal's Wager is Safer in Reverse: Picking a Religion is Dangerous Business

Anti-Religious Forces: Specific Factors Fuelling Secularisation: 2.5. Intelligence and Education

Infanticide and Heaven: Killing Babies for God: 4. The Problem of Evil

The Christian Holy Bible: 3. How Would the True God Convey a Message to All?

Atheism and Secularism: 5. Intellectualism and Atheism

If I was God, What Would I Do?

God and Pronouns: God has No Gender

Religion and Intelligence

Is Omniscience Possible? Does God Know Everything?

The Universe Could Not Have Been Created by God: The Failure of First Cause Arguments

Monotheism and Free Will: God, Determinism and Fate

Why God Created Evil: The Absence of Good?: 1. The Problem of Evil

Homocentricity or Anthropocentrism: Why Do Religions Think Humanity Is Central to God and Creation?: 1.1. Gods as Solipsistic Projections

Ontological Argument for God (Descartes & Anselm)

There is No God: Theological, Philosophical and Logical Problems of Theism

Human Story Telling: The Poor Accuracy of Oral Transmission: 2. Religion

Science and Religion: 4. Intelligence Acting Against Religion

Causes of Belief in the Afterlife and Differences Across Religions and Cultures: 3. Heaven

Eckankar: The Religion of the Light and Sound of God, The Ancient Science of Soul Travel: 6. Soul Travel (Astral Projection)

The Internet and Religion: 5. How Would A Monotheistic God Talk to Us All If Not Through a Website?

The God of the Gaps

Arian Christianity (the Father is Greater than the Son): A Precursor to Modern Christianity

Errors in Thinking: Cognitive Errors, Wishful Thinking and Sacred Truths: 4. The False and Conflicting Experiences of Mankind

The Problem of Evil: Why Would a Good God Create Suffering?

The Food Chain: 2.2. The Design of Earth's Food Chain is Evil

God Has No Free Will: 2 Proofs

The Four Dimensions and the Immutability of God

How to Kill God and Reduce Religion: 1.1. Things to Bring Up in Debates

Is Free Will the Reason God Allows Evil and Suffering?: 1. The Problem of Evil

The Experience of Evil Theodicy

Moral Relativism: Absolute Morality is Not Possible: 2. Morals From God

Natural Evil such as Earthquakes: Evidence That God is Not Good: 1. The Problem of Evil

The Bane of Monotheism: Against Single-God Religions

The Validity of Love Theodicy: God, Humans, Free Will and Evil

The Divine Number 12: 12 Gods, 12 Disciples, 12 Tribes and the Zodiac

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