Ignorance Contributes to USA Antagonism

Most of the American public are stupid. But that's "ok", because most the British public are stupid too. Most Americans, it seems, do not know how their country is seen abroad. That's OK again, because it seems, that most people dislike America for stupid reasons, anyway. This page is about mass ignorance.

1. Stupidity and Herd Mentality Both Sides of the Atlantic

1.1. The Human Sheep are Herded

Book CoverAmericans are led by USA media. They don't know what their government is doing abroad, they don't know that the rest of the world is international, that most developed countries have news services that cover the whole world, critically. They are led, in a culture of patriotism and flag-waving, to believe that the only reasons for disliking American is a hatred "of freedom", or envy. The single greatest thing that they miss, that they should know, is that there is a single, greater, bigger reason for anti-USA hatred. This is exactly the same reason that lets USA citizens remain innocent of their own countries' misbehaviour: Stupidity. Closely followed by ignorance. This lets USA citizens exist with lazy unknowledgeable innocence about their own country and history, and also allows the masses in other countries become led into anti-USA hatred.

The book "Why Do People Hate America?" by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies (2002) spends a lot of time examining USA media and self perception.

1.2. Fashionable anti-Americanism

It has been, since way before Bush, fashionable to diss the USA. Alluding to Max Weber's usage of the word, I believe that most people simply follow some charismatic leaders and that for most people, any intellectual anti-Americanism is an excuse to explain their dislike, but not their primary reason for their dislike.

1.3. Charismatic Leaders

1.4. Secondary Leaders

Both of these inspire a mass of people who charismatically repeat what they've heard. Not researching for themselves or bothering to check their facts or motives, it has become as popular in the USA to be patriotic as it has in the UK and abroad to be anti-American. A host of semi-informed, largely ignorant and mostly stupid people carry the torch of opinion from one generation to the next, in the name social respectability.

2. UK populace bad examples


3. Conclusion

Although there are many genuine reasons why people would not like the activities of USA authority, it is pure ignorance and intolerably barbaric to translate that into personal insults of normal, innocent, American citizens. But, our population let's insulting and embarrassing stupid anti-Americanism far outweigh the actual intellectual debate that should instead take place. It seems that xenophobia, envy and herd-mentality are more responsible for anti-Americanism than anyone genuinely knowing why it is they oppose the USA. It is typical of UK pub-culture and popular culture that most people do this, because at the fundamental level, most British, as well as most Americans, are ignorant of the facts and of their own motives.

The solution to both the ignorant patriotism of some Americans, and the ignorant anti-Americanism of the rest of the world, is for people to automatically question things they are told, and not to merely fall victim to rhetorical arguments or emotional appeals either for or against the USA. The only solution is education and intelligence. Just as many people in some countries do not have accurate information about the USA (They only get anti-USA propaganda), many people in the USA only get pro-USA commentary! Active research *before* repeating abuse or praise of the USA is required, otherwise you're only feeding the antagonism between the USA and the rest of the world.

One look at the inane and hopefully youthful responses to my main page on anti-Americanism show that by far the loud-mouthed ignorant masses contribute much more to online discussion on the USA than does any informed discussion. It's a testimony either to the immaturity of people who read my pages, or an indictment of Humanity as a whole that so many hateful and stupid people exist.

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By Vexen Crabtree 2003 Nov 18
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